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What can the clever ring? The modern invention of the period of a dynasty Qing of

of the Ring and rings - traditional jewelry. They are carried by both men, and women from time immemorial. It is difficult to assume when where also who for the first time put on a ring a finger. But today traditional jewelry experiences a rebirth. At least, it seems so at first sight.

Modern electronics provides to users a set of clever devices. Smartphones - the most obvious and widespread illustration. But not an exception and traditional rings. Smart ring, or clever ring a lot of things can.

By means of crowd funding the useful invention of Smarty Ring makes the way in life in life. On one of specialized resources successful campaign for fund raising on its production comes to an end. Initially organizers planned to collect only 500 dollars, but the reality surpassed the most iridescent expectations. The gadget with enthusiasm was supported by many people, the account of campaign approaches 100 thousand dollars.

What the clever ring of Smarty Ring is able? Its appointment - support of other gadget, the smartphone. Clever phone - quite gluttonous and volume device. The ring keeps with it in contact, providing to the user information on calls, the SMS, e-mails and messages from social networks. Than more rare to disturb the huge screen modern shovels those will be longer stretched by the battery.

Besides, Smarty Ring allows to operate the smartphone without direct access. To accept and reject the entering calls, to call on the programmed numbers, to start a chamber and to operate music. Yes, still the ring carries out functions of the clock where without it.

The clever ring from the built-in flexible accumulator with a capacity of 22 mAh eats. Developers claim what without recharge of Smarty Ring will easily stretch the whole days.

However, perhaps over time the accumulator is not required to similar devices at all. Somebody Sean Hodzhis, the hereditary smith, developed a toy, the shining ring which eats heat of a body of the owner.

The device uses thermoelectric effect of Peltye therefore the gadget shows the highest efficiency on a frost when the difference between body temperature and environment is maximum. But the enthusiast works on model which will be able to shine brightly under any weather conditions.

Still great opportunities, than Smarty Ring, the clever ring of Logbar possesses. The user armed with it can give gestures teams to household appliances, draw on the screen of the computer and enter the text, not to mention control of smartphones and tablets.

However we will return to the beginning of article. Confirmation that the clever rings appearing in the market as if mushrooms after a rain, represent only the seeming regeneration of habitual ornament were found by historians.

In the museum of the ancient city of Huizhou there is the real ring of times of the Chinese dynasty Qing. Then did not know electricity yet, but were able to consider by means of the mechanical designs similar on modern scores. Tiny " calculator; which could use only by means of a prototype of modern styluses, was always near at hand, more precisely - on the owner`s finger.

Well than not Smart Ring? New - well forgotten old...