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Istviksky witches (1987). Carefully, desires come true?

Oh, these women, and it is impossible to live with them, and without them it is impossible to live. The Australian director George Miller turned this ordinary phrase into the whole movie visually to show to the world female insidiousness . And if the Devil is incapable to meet all desires of representatives weak a floor where to disappear with the mere mortal to men?

Three maidens under a window, or perhaps and not under a window, but decided to dream of the ideal partner. In their remote small town where only seven thousand live, good men, little men and a muzhchinok sorted for a long time. Remained on free sale - or cannot yet, or is not able any more. And our girls in love were not lucky: Alexander`s skulptorsha was disappointed in tender feelings long ago, the teacher of music Jane divorced and suffers stickings of a married dog - directors, and Sookie having many children lost the husband from - for the fact that she constantly becomes pregnant.

The imagination at women is consolidated to one: their ideal has to be attractive, but is not cute. It is well-founded, but is not avaricious. It is excentric, but without mental deviations. With sense of humour, without addictions and it is obligatory with the working device. Into the account of the last opinion dispersed, but, however, not in sizes business, the main thing that functioned. Dreamers blinked and materialized to themselves the boyfriend and it that did not expect.

The next morning in Istvik Lucifer visited an appearance of the mysterious rich man Daryl Van Horn. The respectable lady`s man without effort picked up keys to each girl and gradually gained the confidence. But Istvik is to you not the megalopolis, everyone on a look here, and cheerful adventures of three maidens - and at all became news number one. At first they were discussed for eyes, then it is opened and when the city was filled with a gossip, to girls it became absolutely uncomfortable. Eventually, whether there is an instant of pleasure of such victims, and can and poperet from work, and in the wall newspaper to propesochit, and in shop okhayat for nothing. Probably, came it is time to say goodbye to the hero - the lover, but not so - that is simple to throw the Devil

In more than forty years in cinema the Australian director George Miller shot only seven full-length pictures, few times participated in creation of TV series (including put an episode for well-known Twilight zone ) also issued an animation dilogy Do legs about cheerful penguins. Miller`s filmography can be counted, literally, on fingers, but what it is fingers! First of all we will remind that it brought an international recognition to Mel Gibson, having invited the actor in the fantastic fighter Mad Max . Miller shot all three movies from this series then he, in turn, received the invitation to work in Hollywood.

However by that moment the action genre so tired the director that he flatly refused to put fighters or thrillers, and for the debut on To Factory of dreams chose John Updike`s best-seller under the name Istviksky witches . Mix of mysticism, the melodrama and social drama turned out to it on a shoulder though the famous American producers Peter Guber and John Peters ( Batman and Rain man ) all road tripped up Miller as if not in their interests was to remove the successful and profitable project.

History says that the Australian was so happy that he should work in Hollywood moreover in an environment of brilliant stars and just beautiful women that even refused all conveniences on a shooting stage, motivating the unselfishness with economy of means and full immersion in creative process. Sponsors, be not fools, considered that it is possible to save not only on the director, but also on all the rest, including a requisite, mass meeting and even the equipment. Seeing such boorish relation, the director put forward the response ultimatum, refusing to continue work until producers do not spend for a full unit of fire. Those, in turn, intimidated Miller that in no time will find to him replacement. Also it is unknown, than this conflict would end, do not interfere with dispute the performer of a male lead Jack Nicholson who it is oath promised to chuck in the project if Guber and Peters do not cease to show false modesty.

What as a result turned out? The amusing, though not so politically correct black comedy also with them consulted about three women of frivolous behavior who to themselves predicted troubles. As positive characters in a shot are absent at all, the viewer is free itself to choose for what command to be ill. Men, in the majority, rose in defense of the hero of Nicholson who is really guilty only the fact that he strongly spoiled attention of the darlings. Women, certainly, sided with girlfriends - witches who spent the best years on similar subjects, and as a result - the broken trough, seven on benches and premature wrinkles in a visible place. Nevertheless both those, and others met in one - the picture standing and therefore not a sin to spend for a visit of cinema. Following the results of 1987 Miller`s tape surely entered ten the most high grossing films of America, having overtaken such unconditional hits as Dirty dances Predator The Robot - the police officer and next movie Bondiana .

Certainly, the lion`s share of success successfully picked up actors, filigree work of the operator Vilmosh Zhigmond and nice music of John Williams introduced in the project. For the leading female roles picked up an effective Trinity of actresses - the singer Cher, red-haired Susan Sarandon and the blonde Michelle Pfeiffer. Girls show not only high professionalism, but also look on the screen smartly, overshadowing even Jack Nicholson. The last just did not find new sides of the talent, we already knew that Jack is capable to show to a kuzkin mother. And in a role small lewd devil it was developed on all Ivanovo and almost repeated the image from Shine The Bunk room, just with the axe did not run.

Nice cinema. With humour and a clear message to audience: do not create to yourself an idol of whom you will not be able to get rid. Girls found the simplest recipe of female happiness, but everything turned out opposite. The more often our most intimate dreams are executed, the there are a strong wish to return to the ordinary because fairy tales happen to the different end, good and bad.

By the way, on the first displays of the movie for journalists and the other elite, it became clear that the original ending of a picture suits nobody therefore Miller was forced to think up a two-three of the alternative finals, one of which was included into the final theatrical version.