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Fires of the Saint Elma (1985) - the classical melodrama about growing problems?

What probability that you headlong will run in a lottery booth behind the ticket, having learned that your friend won a round sum in A sport lotto of 6 of 46 ? Approximately same as on an appearance of the successful movie in Hollywood expansion on the chosen genre begins. Until all to whom is what to tell on a subject do not speak.

the Similar situation developed in 1985 when the American comedy dramatist John Hughes shot the youth hit " Club; Breakfast . After it to participate in a trend on teenage dramas also the others stretched, but among the first there was a beginning director and the screenwriter Joel Schumacher. Its work Fires of the Saint Elma did not manage to achieve so impressive progress, but from - for proximity to the quoted original and a similar plot too now it is considered a classical sample of a genre.

They are seven. They got acquainted at the first year institute and since then are unseparable. And though final already behind, they continue to cherish hope that, despite essentially different plans for the future, their friendship will be eternal.

Alec and Lesley - the only taken place couple from all company, however their romantic relations do not hurry to be issued in a legal marriage. The cause is both ambitious political career of Alec, and his permanent campaigns on the left and also the constant pressure upon the girl who wants to become a personality too, but not just a shadow at the successful husband. Kevin and Kirby for old time`s sake live in the barchelor den, consoling each other minutes of loss of composure. Kevin is secretly in love with Lesley, but hides the feelings, without wishing to cross the road to the companion. And Kirby chases illusive dream in the form of a starshekursnitsa Dale Biberman, truly considering that he found the guiding star.

The goof Billey cannot get used to adulthood in any way. He changes work every week, despite all efforts of friends, and eternally walks smack in trouble. The house it is waited by the wife and the small child, but he still did not grow up from drawers and misses recklessness and carelessness of students. Being eternally aground, Billey enjoys a favor of the handsome Dzhuls who has a good position in bank, and also periodically accepts donations from the meek creature Uendi that is lovesick on him from the first course.

All of them, such different and difficult, I continue to hang out together as if without noticing that every day their communication becomes thinner and

The fact that Hughes and Schumacher`s tapes left following one after another, and also multiple crossings regarding a casting is time to look soberly at things , brought a certain distemper in spectator minds. It now when near at hand there is an Internet, we can unambiguously tell that movies between themselves are connected by nothing, and during VHS era some careless companions, using information vacuum, without a moment`s hesitation presented Fires of the Saint Elma as the second " Club; Breakfast . Other viewer also did not feel deception, the benefit that subject similar, persons recognizable and the general atmosphere of the movie similar. But nevertheless differences are.

There is an opinion that Schumacher could not agree with actors Mollie Ringuold and Anthony Michael Hollompo to the reason of their unwillingness to act in a picture with so similar scenario. Besides the Hall managed to sign the contract for the teenage comedy Oh this science! while rumors about troublemaking character of Ringuold and her constant whims on a shooting stage " Club; too played a role. Actually it is still simpler. The matter is that to the above-stated persons in 1985 only - 17 years and for participation in " were only executed; Fires of the Saint Elma which heroes are graduates, they is banal did not grow. But all others, namely Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson and Ellie Shidi, freely were included in the project and with little effort walked on a beaten path.

Nevertheless, bypassing all analogies and loans, it is worth recognizing that Schumacher`s work was more superficial and if you want, primitive. Instead of understanding difficulties of a growing, authors somehow imperceptibly, but surely overstepped the bound from the drama to the melodrama, having turned the movie into the version of a TV series, once popular in the former Soviet Union, squeezed till one and a half o`clock Elaine and children . It also is clear, before us not the school students sharing with each other problems of awkward age, but the former students with the adults " any more; sores that does not acquit the creators of the movie who concentrated attention of the viewer, first of all, on sensual relationship of heroes.

It is amusing that just for the invited stars Estevez, Nelson and Shidi works and remained unsurpassed achievement in actor`s career with Hughes and Schumacher. Similarly it did not develop at Andrew McCarthy whose progress remained in the eightieth, including the melodrama The Pretty girl in pink romantic tape Yes we will be helped by heaven! and amusing opus Wick - and at Berney . And here Rob Lowe which, in my opinion, is undeserved awarded Gold raspberry as worst performer of year though a megastar also did not become, feels in a profession quite surely. As well as his partner on the movie Mayor Uinningkhem, two-time winner Emmie and nominee of the Oscar. As for Demi Moore who managed to cut a poor figure on shootings " Fires; from - for the addiction to white powder, its course of life is rather lit with tabloids.

You will not refuse to a picture intelligence, and precisely Fires of the Saint Elma much more precisely and more deeply than the majority of similar projects of the eightieth, which characters only one question - concerned how quicker to leave virginity. From - for abundances of characters and several parallel subject lines it is heavy to viewer to be focused on the main thing - something is missed, something is forgotten.

And still, despite a number of defects, the tape continues to be actual and today, clearly demonstrating process withdrawal pains heroes at a transition stage from the carefree period in adulthood. At each of them the spark Elma which they follow in hope for success, recognition, reciprocal love. And it does not matter, if the direction is chosen incorrectly because still there is time to change, take a step back or aside, to find new itself in the big world or, on the contrary, to remain itself.