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Soup pea with smoked ribs and processed cheese. How to prepare?

Pea soup is one of favourites of Soviet period. Trained him then, of course, mainly without smoked products which to get it was absolutely unreal and without other graces. Despite it, soup was and there is one of the most favourite and popular in the people.

And not only thanks to the byudzhetnost and simplicity of preparation, but also mainly, thanks to the exclusive tastes.

Especially often this soup was prepared, of course, in the winter. In cold time. Fragrant, warming, very tasty. Well why not to indulge itself again! Especially as and with a season we in a trend.

On 3 - we take a liter saucepan : 1 glass of dried peas, 1 average bulb, 2 - 3 average potatoes, 2 average carrots, root of a celery and parsley, 2 tablespoons of soft processed cheese or cream - cheese, 1 tablespoon of ketchup (it is possible to replace with tomato paste, but in ketchup already spices are and it personally terribly pleases me and attracts), salt, peppercorn, bay leaf, grams of 500 - 700 smoked ribs, vegetable oil for roasting, 4 - 5 garlic gloves and are a little greens. For giving - croutons from white loaf (garlick - it in general is ideal).

First of all, we, of course, properly wash out peas in flowing water and we presoak a minimum for 2 - 3 hours in cold water. It is better and more convenient to make it for the night. And even if we have a belief that presently peas any more not that and to presoak it there is no need, it also progotavlivatsya so perfectly and quickly in 30 - 40 minutes, then we presoak peas not behind it, and tokmo to relieve ourselves of possible not too pleasant musical consequences for which the peas loved by us are so nice. It is time. In - the second, soaking allows peas then during cooking not to boil soft in gruel, and very adequately to hold itself in shape.

Further we cut in medium-sized cubes a root of a celery and parsley and we cut 2 - 3 garlic gloves. In a saucepan for cooking of soup we fry on vegetable oil our backs to a zolotistost and we add to them garlic and bell pepper. We mix and practically at once we add to them peas from which previously merged all water in which it was presoaked. We add waters. Also we allow to be boiled thoroughly to our peas practically to full readiness, on small, lazy fire, minutes 30 - 40.

And, as well as it is got while peas cook, we prepare all other ingredients. We cut potatoes, onions and carrots. The size and ways of cutting of vegetables - it is exclusive according to your representation about fine and tasty.

(In this order) we fry onions and carrots on vegetable oil with addition of ketchup. And it is desirable to fry ketchup well. I.e. not just put, mixed and switched off, and mixed, 4 - 5 fried minutes and now only switched off. It (ketchup) instead of natural sourness begins to develop after that some even a sakharinka, perhaps!

The fried vegetables are cleaned in other vessel, and place made on a frying pan right there is taken by ribs. Which we fry a little too.

Small we cut the remained garlic and greens.

The first we add potatoes, bay leaf to almost already welded peas and we cook them together minutes 20 - 30. To potato softness. Then we add crafty - a carrot zazharka. We allow to begin to boil and we add ribs. Besides we allow to begin to boil, we add couple of spoons cream - cheese. Well we mix, we allow cheese to be dissolved completely. We salt (only now). We cook on small fire even minutes 5, no more. We switch off. And minutes through 7 - 10 we add reasonable garlic and greens to soup.

The processed cheese gives to soup some very pleasant slivochnost. Obviously not an excess detail in this soup. And for entire happiness it is necessary to give, of course, with croutons. Well a holiday, not a holiday, and it is tasty exclusive. And appetite pleasant to all of us!