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How to prepare the stuffed fish? Definitely would not begin to claim

Ya so categorically that to a gefilta Phish is a whole fish, but not pieces or cutlets! Nobody argues if made precisely on a compounding of tiramisu call " tiramisu; giving it in portion ice-cream bowls, but not on the general dish. Honestly! I do not see a difference... or it is snobbery...

Anyway let will be as it is necessary - entirely, according to the recipe my very close and favourite of Odessa, the most sacramental (and the most favourite) a dish of ashkenazsky Jews - the stuffed fish (a gefilta Phish).
It is necessary to

: today - a carp, 1,5 - 2 kg still of the live weight (it is traditionally possible to use for a farshirovka a pike, a mullet or a sazan, it became lately very widespread to prepare for a gefilta Phish from red breeds of fish, as that a trout, a salmon, a salmon), 1 egg, 2 large bulbs, 3 average carrots, a couple of averages a svekolok, a half of white long loaf (it is possible to replace with 2 - 3 spoons of breadcrumbs), milk, vegetable oil for frying, salt, black pepper ground and peas, sugar - about 1 tablespoon without hill, is a little vinegar.

For a start I want to report joyfully that rumors about what the stuffed fish to do very difficult, are strongly exaggerated... The word of honor, you only the first time decide on it and, at least, by every holiday will do this dish. Well, the devil as his babies is not so terrible... - it just about it!

We start! (Or the white loaf exempted from a crust) we presoak breadcrumbs in milk.

One of the prepared bulbs (the onions peel, by the way, should not be thrown out... it is not accepted) small we cut, we cut the second bulb on the pieces suitable for a transmission via the meat grinder.

We fry small cut bulb on vegetable oil. I would even tell that we it weary. Onions have to become a little golden, but very soft.

We cut carrots and beet thin ringlets.

And joyfully we pass to fish... We wash, we clean from scales, we clean and we dry it, we delete gills from the head (all this can make also shop, and it is extremely pleasant and exclusively convenient and as time and forces saves... I recommend!) .

On a tummy, along all paunch, a sharp knife, from two parties we do accurate cuts by depth to skin. i.e. essentially and categorically we do not cut skin. Also we begin, without any power efforts to separate skin from meat, gradually, further and further palming off fingers between skin and a fish carcass. There is no complexity in it any, the skin is removed easily, it is really important not to hurry and not to use force.

When the skin will be separated, we need only to cut with either a knife, or scissors ridge at the head basis, and the skin can be removed completely. From a golenky fish carcass it is hardworking and it is meticulously removed all meat.

Here first results of our works: separately the head with a skin and separately skeletik. Looks, of course, not so that very much, but from a song, as they say, you will not throw out words... Both that, and another is necessary for us.

And now absolutely everything is simple. Via the meat grinder we pass the first onions. The passed onions are added to fish fillet and we pass them via the meat grinder together. Tomlenny onions should be scrolled too. And now all this forcemeat should be passed via the meat grinder once again... Total: crude onions are milled 3 times, and fish with fried onions - 2... Yes! I also meant it!

We add egg, salt, pepper, a paprika to ready forcemeat (at will) and the roll wetted and wrung out from excess liquid. Everything is very well mixed. Forcemeat is ready.

One more lyrical digression... At many in a compounding of the stuffed fish it is specified on 3 - 4, and sometimes and on 6 - 8 eggs. The word of honor, very hard and rough forcemeat turns out then, well do not put so much... at least for economy. And in general, I cannot even imagine average Jewish seven those times which from poverty does to a gefilta Phish and generously puts even if 5 eggs there...

With the received forcemeat the hands moistened in cold water it is filled a fish skin, giving it the form, naturally, of the whole big fish.

On a bottom of a heat resisting form we pour a little vegetable oil. Now, strictly at will, we spread a layer of an onions peel (it gives pleasant color to broth, but... because we plan to put beet which, certainly, completely will level a golden shade from a peel and even, I will tell more, completely will paint in claret... we can not put a peel). Further... It is accepted to put on a bottom fish stones, i.e. in our case fish skeletik... And besides is, of course, not a whim, it is chance that subsequently the bulyonchik turned in gentle jelly, but it is possible and to add a little gelatin then. Yes if not end in itself and to us it is not necessary to jelly that fish was jellied, the easy zheleynost will be also without all these cunnings and tricks... It is checked. Total remains: on a bottom of a heat resisting form from above of oil we spread a layer from a half prepared beets and carrots.

We spread from above fish, we lay over her remained carrots and beet, we fill in with cold water, accurately, sideways, approximately to the middle of fish. We salt water, we add sugar, bell pepper and it is a little vinegar that beet did not lose the color, and we put in the oven warmed to 200 degrees approximately for one or one and a half hours. During roasting fish it is possible and it is even necessary to water with a bulyonchik.

Prepare fish, of course, in advance. Is it it is necessary cold! By the way, I already said to you that the stuffed fish without horse-radish are money for wind?!. So it is an honest truth. With horse-radish - it is extremely tasty. Very much I advise at least once in life not only to try such fish, but also to prepare! You will not be disappointed. Appetite pleasant to you!