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Momordika. How to grow up in what look is and than it is useful?

Violently growing liana with bright strange fruits causes admiration and a puzzled question at once: What for fruit (or vegetable)? From what planet brought it? Momordika (this plant so is called) belongs to banal family of pumpkin. It is a one-year liana which unusually quickly begins to grow and twist with the flexible branches everything that will appear nearby.

It begins to blossom soon enough, and at the end of June you can already admire beautiful bright fruits.

the Fruit of a momordika could call by sight berry, but very large for berry - centimeters eight in length the biggest, small - around five. This berry is something oblong, covered with outgrowths, grooves and thorns, it is bright - orange color. Fruits are such bright that even in the dark them it is well visible - hang as small lamps in the depth of a garden.

Seeds of this culture look so unusually that again cause thought of an unearthly origin of a momordika. Everyone a sunflower seed has the unique form, with ledges and legs and on each seed any mysterious intricate pattern, and it does not repeat. Momordika is orange, and still white and is gentle - yellow.

According to data from the Internet, the momordika grows in India, China, even in America in the State of Florida, and here our Area of (Caucasus) is not mentioned for some reason in general! And it on the coast of the Black Sea is grown up very often - and as an ornamental plant, and as very useful fruit. The momordika to us from Turkey got what too, strangely enough, to Tell words to

anywhere about that the momordika is useful - it means nothing to tell! Here study the list of illnesses from which it helps:

If fruits are in a live look, and use them both mature, and slightly unripe, then you will clean the vessels from opposite cholesteric plaques . This plant helps those who have different heart troubles. They say that the momordika suppresses development of cancer cells, especially it is effective if is its a little unripe.

Leaves can be made and drunk at an elevated pressure. On myself I know that infusion of a momordika kills a headache, and strong! Also infusion from leaves helps at severe dry cough and promotes an expectoration and an otkhozhdeniye of slime from bronchial tubes and lungs.

Semyon if to dry up them, to crush and make of them tincture, will deliver in your organism the sea of carotene, and it is acquired easier, than, for example, carotene from carrots. Tincture from seeds at the regular use will increase hemoglobin level. At us in hospitals, for example, doctors appoint this means to the postoperative patient or people weakened after serious illnesses. And still this tincture treats gastritises and some diseases of a liver, restores sight.

it is very simple to li to Grow up it! For a start a sunflower seed it is necessary to help couch - to choose the sharpest tip and to rub an emery paper or just accurately to cut off literally millimeter. We put sunflower seeds on wet towel wipes or on wet cotton wool, it is possible even to couch them on toilet paper, only to enclose a layer more thickly and to moisten often. As soon as there is gentle greenish boring - put near trees or a fence, but it is obligatory on the solar place! Momordika does not love a shadow if it lacks the sun, leaves fall down, and fruits turn out small.

Taste of fruits (or berries?) it is difficult to describe. Sweetish, but not luscious, it is similar at the same time to pumpkin, mango and an overripe cucumber. If is in the raw, then it is necessary to cut in half and a spoon to take out yellow pulp. Also we do not ignore red juicy okoloplodnik inside who surround everyone to a sunflower seed, they are useful too.

Eat a momordika not only crude, from it cook jam, do jam. Tinctures, liqueurs from this Martians have brightly - orange color both are very nice to the taste and began to smell.

Seeds use in cookery for giving of special taste and aroma to pastries. They are crushed and added to dough.

The summer season already here - here will come, and there is a wish at itself on a kitchen garden to grow up something useful and unusual. Try to put a momordika! I sent to the relative seeds, and in the Ryazan region last year to it to a garden went to excursions to look at an unusual plant - the momordika successfully passed test the Russian climate.