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Can you click correctly the Goldfish?

Who does not remember sacramental: There Lived an old man with the old woman by the most blue sea... ? The situation with the greedy Old woman mistreating own husband and planning is simple to take the place of the Empress sea, apparently. At least, the final of the fairy tale does not leave doubts: threatened on sacred - lost everything!

It is allowed to rule the blue sea not to everyone, the Goldfish cannot run for someone errands and in general - where was born, there, as they say, and be found, an old trough to you in the help...

Rewriting of the fairy tale

Known for all the Internet - the encyclopedia notes that A.S. Pushkin, leaning on earlier existing sources - the Pomeranian fairy tale About the fisherman and his wife from the collection of fairy tales of brothers Grimm and the Russian national Greedy old woman - created, actually, rewriting of this plain history.

It is curious that the new name removes in the main heroes of the Old man and the Goldfish, providing to the reader to learn about the main to the villain directly from the text.

In fairy tales with existence of the good and evil all, as a rule, polnomkomplektno. In To the Tale of the fisherman and small fish characters are following:

1. The old man, the husband - the shy, meek, kind fisherman who is obediently showering a seine to the blue sea and carrying out a role coherent transferring to the Goldfish the vision of a situation and requirements of the Old woman.

2. A goldfish - the wise and great performer of any desires, except for the most radical, concerning her personality.

3. The old woman, the wife - till certain time the modest and silent, spinning the yarn fisherwoman, and subsequently - greedy, whimsical, inclined to a sadism in life free queen .

4. The blue sea (it slightly played which grew dull, restless, simply turned black and turned black from a storm) - habitat of the Goldfish. The sea manages to feel thinly a condition of heroes (such prototype of the ocean of the planet the Solaris).

5. Incidental , the Old women who are carrying out will (just servants, servants are boyars and servants - noblemen, terrible guards).

Family psychology or internal opposition?

So, a certain family dyad is. Under the law of a homeostasis which dictates to keep the available status - kvo, the Old man, having faced with new, unknown, to a descent, without reflecting, rejects even a possibility of changes.

On the other hand, too nobody cancelled operation of the law of development. And it dictates: the system has to be open and pass all stages of this development. Appearance of the Small fish destroyed the steady world of a fishing dyad, having revealed absence of unity in ranks of a married couple.

The old man who is not wishing changes, frightened of them, nevertheless, undertook a role local mass media to read material requirements of the best half of mankind in the person of the greedy Old woman. In the negotiations with the Small fish the Old man separated not only from the wife, but also from requirements of a family, began to complain of oppressions:

Me my old woman,

does not give Razbranil to the old man me to rest:

Is necessary for it a new trough...

More than three decades people side by side existed, but did not tell each other the most intimate: what it is thought of - dreamed what there is a wish for / there is no wish that attracts, except life in a dugout, fishing in the sea and washing in the broken trough. And when the Old man and the Old woman had a happy lottery ticket in the person of the Goldfish, they appeared, everyone in own way, in a condition of a cognitive dissonance. Folklore zaklichka On the river the brick, wooden as glass floats, well and let to itself floats, we do not need " polyfoam; perfectly illustrates this psychological phenomenon.

Desires to facilitate the hard female share at the Old woman collected so many that even to an almighty Small fish to execute them it appeared not in power. And our Hero had to meet happiness a soulmate, and he did not miss such opportunity, let know: from me what demand? - I need nothing, I have everything! The old man proved to be super - the negotiator in the neutral territory, but he had unresolved house problem with the useless wife - that, in his opinion, was not prepared for new vital roles at all:

What you, the woman, a henbane ate too much?

Neither to step, nor are not able to say, you Will make laugh with

the whole kingdom .

the Small fish - the cheat?

I in real life so happens: unexpectedly some news, the letter, the message comes... You went to work, walked a dog, bought fruit and ice cream in shop, but also could not imagine that wonderful fish - a swallow with a white tummy lives in the Arafura Sea, at coast of New Guinea. And suddenly, literally suddenly, falls down: you have a fish now - a swallow!

It small (only 13 cm!) not such bright as other fishes of the Arafura Sea, but you to them do not have business because you learned about the fish - a swallow! Also you can address it with some human words, to tell something to it and just to call: Swallow! Swallow! And she though at all she is not so clever as the dolphin and at all not trained, will surely come to you and will ask, a human voice too: What it is necessary for you, a starcha? And your heart will be overflowed with tenderness, and you will believe at once everything that it will promise you, and will execute everything that she will ask:

Release you, to a starcha, me in the sea,

Expensive for myself I will give a payoff: I Will pay off with

with what only you will wish

Than only you will wish... - as an echo, you will repeat the last words of the Swallow. - How it can be? - you will think. - Unless in the fairy tale .

No, the Small fish cannot pay off with anything. There are certain restrictions, bans.

The Striking example of the aforesaid was shown in 1929 by the artist - the surrealist Rene Magritte who showed to public the realistic image of a pipe with the signature in good, suitable French It is not a tube . It it it is transparent hinted that the image of a subject, generally speaking, is not identical to the subject and the confusion of one with another is the most real cognitive dissonance . (Lurkomorye`s website. Article Cognitive dissonance )

Actually (and it was not granted) the desire of the brightest future of which the mankind - communism dreamed for the same reason could not be executed: to give to each person on his requirements, having received in exchange only on abilities.

And one more impracticable desire. The person cannot become immortal. It is necessary to reconcile to this fact, but each of us always has an opportunity to poklikat the Goldfish and to tell it: Smiluysya, Monarchess small fish, nadobna to me new trough / new teapot / vacuum cleaner / refrigerator / new car / new coat / new tablet / new starprobe vehicle/...