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Comedy Airplane! (1980). How the parody became more popular than the original? All begin

with something. Someone is long shaken before clearing the bar, others unsuccessfully fight, not in forces to break through to the viewer, and the third shoot straight away. The well-known Hollywood trio of directors - screenwriters of Abrakhams - Tsuker - Tsuker, presented us a number of the remarkable parody projects which for a long time became classics of a genre concerns to the last. All three began

actors and got acquainted during that time when they worked over yumoristichesko - musical TV program Evening show of Johnny Carson . From there the Trinity removed to the beginning director John Landis to his flashing buffoonery under the name Solyanka on - kentukkiysk (1977). The unexpected success of this modest low budget tape demonstrated to friends that their scenario talent in writing of jokes a hundred times is more, than actor`s abilities. And then the union of Abrakhams - Tsukera started creation of the first and most profitable project - the parody Airplane! .

Ted Stryker in melancholy: it was kicked by the girl. And it, despite everything that between them was. Ted himself is guilty, after failure on the last military task he absolutely became puzzled in life. Having lost self-confidence, Stryker risks to lose also the beloved whom bothered to take all responsibility. And it was soaped in flight (mademoiselle - the stewardess), having left the little man alone with the grieves.

Having collected the will remains in a fist, Stryker buys a plane ticket at the last minute already onboard to sort out the relations. However in flight there was unforeseen trouble: all crew ordered to itself for dinner fried fish who appeared with surprise . Pilots in an otklyuchka, and with them and the flight engineer. The passengers who too tasted seafood suffer a stomach, stewards hardly restrain from panic, and only Stryker, with his military flight past, can correct a situation and put the plane

I that here ridiculous, you ask, and you will be right. It is a typical plot of the movie - accident. Really, authors took works of the English writer Arthur Haley, popular on both sides of Atlantic, as a tape basis, to be exact, one of numerous screen versions of his best-sellers - is black - the white picture Hour of the Zero! (1957) Bartlett`s hall. Certainly, very few people saw the original outside the USA while Airplane! became classics of a genre and the cult comedy for all times. From other screen versions of Haley to contend with financial progress of the opus of Abrakhams - Tsukera can only a serious drama tape of George Siton " Airport; (1970) which reached 100 - a million mark on collecting thanks to incredibly star casting (Dean Martin, Bert Lancaster, George Kennedy, Jacqueline Bisset and Gene Siberg), and also ten Oscar nominations. However creators Airplane! managed in 3,5 million (having earned at the same time 83,5), and for creation " Airport; 10 were allocated. Here and all statistics.

Having read a synopsis, indeed unclear where here to laugh. All the matter is that we deal not with the typical situation comedy, and with the excentric parody for which the dialogues and characters, the more funny are more serious. From first minutes of the movie of Abrakhams - Tsukera immerse us in phantasmagoria where the second plan is so important, as well as the first. In Airplane! there is no excess shot, any phrase stated in air, any dialogue through passage - each detail, each trifle works for all 100 percent. It is no wonder that by the number of memorable quotes and phrases the tape stacks on shovels even such masterpieces as Godfather conceding only to recognized masters verbal genre like Quentin Tarantino.

For the Russian viewer trouble that about a third, and even a good few of jokes, leaves in " milk;. In - the first, it is important to know object of the parody, that is Haley`s work here. It is enough to read of the same " Airport; to like epicism of literary style of the Englishman. In - the second, many passages concern the American reality, therefore, are not close to our public and are not ridiculous. And, at last, the last and the most depressing - fully to enjoy Airplane! it is necessary to master English as some hokhma in general represent an untranslatable word-play with use of local idiomatic expressions . And in this plan nasal translators of an era of VHS will be more preferable, than present gramote the hammering difficulties of the translation by trite phrases, at the same time completely modifying the meaning of what was said or at all missing an essence.

With Airplane! the comic glory of one of the most famous parodists of Hollywood - Lesley Nielsen began. And before the actor acted in usual serious movies, in series Colombo and Vegas and even in horror films ( School ball ) . However Nielsen was fated to become famous not in the drama, and in a comedy. The image of doctor Rumak was so pasted to the actor that subsequently offered it only roles in similar projects. Nielsen especially did not resist and soon there came his hour of triumph when America incredibly popular comedy " came out; Naked gun about adventures of the unlucky detective Frank Drebin. Certainly, one of creators " was the author of this hit; Airplane! - director David Tsuker.

It is known that the success of a director`s debut urged on a Trinity to continue researches the same way. What is characteristic, from work on the sequel which appeared at movie theaters two years later, Abrakhams and Tsukera refused, having considered that expressed on this subject enough. Nevertheless Airplane 2: Continuation in total - was published behind authorship of the Canadian director Ken Finkelmen, but even close did not approach progress and popularity of the original.