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Comedy Death on a funeral (2007). Purely English blasphemy?

what we love black comedies for? For the fact that they force us to laugh at things at which in real life to laugh it is guilty or inappropriate. Here and the known English - the American comedy dramatist Frank Oz in the evening of life decided to obstebat a subject about which or it is good, or nothing . Actually, heading of its comedy Death on a funeral speaks about much so we will long not rumple a hat and we will start.

In one prudish English family there was an event of quite natural sense: the head of family rested. On the occasion of death his close and distant relatives, friends, colleagues and even casual characters, like the guy gather all that just decided to see the passion having to the dead the niece. However the ceremony everything cannot begin in any way - the coffin with another to deceased will be delivered by mistake, the eldest son is late from America, will not bring the uncle Alfie from nursing home in any way.

However, even when the quorum condoling and sympathizing took place, procedure of farewell threatens to turn into buffoonery. At first one of attendees who incidentally jammed a stress not that tablet overturns a coffin with the dead man, then in a lobby there is a mysterious dwarf dreaming stryast from the grieved successors repayment in exchange for data and photos of very scandalous character. To the dead person - that is no place to hurry, and here the priest obviously somewhere hurries to fade, but it is not possible to collect to climb till because to someone vzbrendit all family members naked on a roof, others need to resolve urgently an amorous issue, and the third in panic try to get rid of one more corpse I Believe

, Frank Oz`s identity does not need special representation. The Englishman, whose parents in the early fifties emigrated to the USA, since the childhood was keen on family business - a kuklovodstvo. On this path he made friends with the famous puppeteer Jim Hanson with which he throughout the seventieth closely cooperated over creation legendary Mappetov . And even the director`s debut, fenteziyny animated film Dark crystal Oz issued together with Hanson. And then their ways dispersed: Hanson continued to experiment with dolls, and Oz moved at big cinema, having removed a parody horror film Bench of horrors remake of the picture of the same name of 1960.

To the director got the greatest glory on a joint 80 - 90 - x years when shot flashing comedy hits " twice; Inveterate swindlers and And how Bob? . However already in the ninetieth when the environment of humour exchanged, Oz did not manage to adapt to new styles. Its movie Entrance and exit about the school teacher who unexpectedly realized the homosexuality despite a number of amusing stage settings, it seems unsuccessful attempt to joke on topic of the day . Beating sudden and unhealthy interest of the nation in persons of nonconventional orientation, Oz also did not notice how he itself promoted further digging in this subject. Its attempt to replace a genre (the criminal thriller Bear-hunter with De Niro and Norton) was not crowned with success too: the picture, despite a decent casting, does not intrigue with a plot at all and is rather weak on dialogues.

Actually, Death on a funeral - it is the only full situation comedy shot by the director over the last ten years. Only in unusual for Oz black color.

We will be frank, the movie ridiculous, at least in places. The hand of the master capable to make laugh audience is felt. But methods obviously changed, Oz does not rely entirely upon professionalism of actors any more, and uses absolute, but, alas, not too worthy himself receptions. And if without easy raid blueness according to the scenario it was not possible to manage, with a naked bum and jokes about excrements it was possible to do without episode quite. These scenes are obviously inserted to please a certain part of the viewers who are brought up on opuses of brothers of Ueyans. Hod acquitted commercially, but unexpected for the author Inveterate swindlers .

Considering that the favourite actor of Oz, Steve Martin, refused participation in the movie, and Eddie Murphy for a long time was drawn, the director in which - that eyelids refused the invitation in the movie of stars of world value. Perhaps from the fact that the budget of the project made modest 9 million or perhaps and vice versa, lack of big names on the poster allowed creators to save on the fees significantly. In credits professionals of the second echelon, mostly from England appear, but there are also Americans, in particular, flashing Alan Tyyudik from Stories of the knight and Mad vacation .

82% of percent of the audience laughed to tears - the Russian slogan of the movie says. Your obedient servant, probably, belongs to remained 18% though, I will not lie, in couple of scenes and me it happened to smile over misadventures of heroes. As advantage of the black comedy it is possible to consider that all jokes are said only with a stone look from what becomes even more ridiculous. Certainly, in life the dead man who dropped out of a coffin will hardly raise a smile at the audience, but in it and a charm Death on a funeral that it it is absolute it is politically incorrect in relation to death. However, is closer to the final authors thought again and decided to justify themselves a little before the viewer. Though Oz all the same could not do without perchinka what the last shot testifies to.

In native North American hire Frank Oz`s comedy swept which - as. And here outside the USA Death on a funeral did not lose face, having borne a faint resemblance to the director former days when his movies became unambiguous hits. Oz apprehended defeat in the homeland stoically, but nevertheless for indefinite time left the big screen, having preferred it television. And after gave up creativity at all. It would not be desirable that forever, but we will remember and love it not for the last opuses, and for bright and original comedies of the eightieth which still remain an unsurpassed sample of good taste and eccentric humour.