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How to make " cake; Frankfurt wreath ?

At all my gentle love are exclusive to chocolate desserts and cakes, to be fair, I cannot but notice obvious - this cake besides that it is exclusively simple in preparation, exclusively tasty and gentle. And as it for me is strange, but not all share my trembling love to chocolate! If you from their number... To you here! we take

For a biscuit : 150 grams of butter, 200 grams of sugar, 4 eggs, bag of vanilla sugar, salt pinch, dried peel of 1 lemon, 100 grams of starch and 120 grams of flour, baking powder pack.

First of all, as well as always, we include to heat up an oven by 180 degrees. We prepare a baking dish. This time that obviously from the name, the form has to be, so to say, special. Hollow in the middle, 24 - 25 cm in the diameter are desirable not more largely. Otherwise the ring will turn out low, and as a result, we will not be able to cut it on 4 parts, and there would be a part of beauty will be irrevocably lost! What well will not be reflected in tastes in any way, but...!

We grease a form with butter and we powder with flour. We shake excess flour. We fray the softened butter with sugar in magnificent homogeneous mass. On one we enter eggs there. Everyone the subsequent, at once as interfered previous. We add a dried peel. And through a strainer - flour, starch, salt and a baking powder.

We mix everything. Dough is ready.

We shift it in a baking dish and we prepare at 180 degrees of minutes 50. We define readiness in any ways known to you: a match (dry), pressing a biscuit (will amortize) or we watch when begins to depart from walls.

For cream we take 250 ml of cream, a glass of milk and a pack of a vanilla pudding. In the separate line a couple of words about a pudding. Pack of 80 grams. Pudding instant . Such details only because for this pudding neither milk, nor cream should be heated ! We take all cold.

At once to exclude a possibility of emergence of lumps and to prevent further fight against them (lumps), in a bowl we fill up at first a pudding. We do in it a hole and gradually, stirring slowly, we pour in milk there. Properly we knead.

We fill in cream there and here already we begin to shake up the mixer. 3 - 5 it is quite enough minutes, cream very quickly gets denser. If taste of cream seems to you insufficiently expressed, safely add any darling or the available syrup there. I will add the frozen cherry therefore syrup is not necessary to me, and here sugar will not prevent! In total - cherry - berry kislenky, whatever one may do.

Grilyazhny topping is necessary 1 - 2 tablespoons of butter, a glass of sugar and 100 - 150 grams of almond shaving.

And creamy we kindle sugar on a frying pan a little. It is not necessary to stir slowly especially. We melt till beautiful caramel color. We fill up almonds there. Properly we mix. We pour out ready mix on the leaf greased with butter for pastries. We level and give to cool down.

The cooled-down layer is broken on pieces, we cover from above with other leaf and we roll a rolling pin. A task - to receive a crumb.

We get a ready biscuit from an oven, minutes 10 we allow to have a rest... we do not get from a form. Then we overturn and we cool on a lattice. We Cool there is a keyword. It is necessary to cool completely. It is terrible to tell, but by rules of hour 4 it is necessary to wait... You will be able? (I - am not present).

We cut a biscuit on 4 parts and we begin to collect ours wreath .

All as always: a biscuit layer, a layer of cream, a cherry berry - and so all 4 layers. Respectively, too beautifully we grease top and sidewalls with cream and it is generously powdered with almond krokant (by the way will be to tell, amazingly tasty).

Ready cake is decorated, for example, with zhelirovanny cherry (it is on sale). Or perhaps you still will think up something to put from above... And who will forbid you?! The owner - the barin!

Very much I recommend to try to bake this cake. Surprisingly harmonious combination of vanilla, lemon, cherry and almonds! Truth tasty. Successful to you pastries and bon appetit!