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What useful habits can do more harm, than advantage?

to Protect health gradually becomes the rule of a good form. We are keen on fight against calories and viruses, but as all keen people, sometimes we do not notice obvious excesses . Pay attention to some useful habits. Whether always they for the good ?

Disinfectants for hands

Hygiene first of all, isn`t it? However you should not go to far and to carefully wash hands with use of effective remedies of disinfection after each contact with the outside world. If only you not the employee of infectious diseases hospital, for maintenance of purity of hands is quite enough usual soap and clear water.

As showed recent researches, effective disinfectants with triklozany help viruses and bacteria to fight against antibiotics, increase their resilience. This statement belongs also to antibacterial soap. If there is a need for effective disinfection of skin, then it is better to use traditional alcohol. Its 55% solution is capable to destroy to 98% of bacteria.

Toothbrushing after food

At first sight, maintenance of purity of an oral cavity by means of a toothbrush and paste - business sacred. However it is necessary to consider that it is in certain cases better not to hurry and to wait a little slightly.

The acid which is contained in food weakens tooth enamel which in it weakened a state it is perfect does not smile vigorous mechanical friction of a toothbrush. Postpone toothbrushing for later and for removal of the remains of food just rinse a mouth.

Hungry food

Some women are sure by

that, refusing a breakfast and limiting itself during a lunch, they rescue themselves from hated calories. Alas, not such they and silly women, these calories. Just like that not to get rid of them.

The less you eat, the more there is a wish. Besides, the hungry person has a stress and becomes irritable, positive emotions are simply necessary for it. From where to them to undertake? The need for food oppressed all day in the evening escapes outside organism prevails and quietly rejoices...

Water in bottles

Sometimes a water supply system leaves much to be desired . The simplest exit - to use the packed-up water in plastic bottles. But usually bottled water does not contain the fluorides protecting teeth from caries. Instead of water from a bottle it is better to fill a glass with the filtered tap water. Kardiotrenirovki`s

(sports exercises with moderate loading for training warmly - vascular system) many consider Kardiotrenirovki`s

as the fine tool for fight against excess weight and for maintenance of a body in a tone. For the time being this is true. But gradually the organism gets used to useful procedure and burns fats less.

Not to allow a body to idle, it is useful to carry out various exercises including power. Except that efficiency of occupations will increase, regular power trainings will build up muscle bulk that, in turn, will lead to more intensive combustion of fats.

Food additives

Minerals and vitamins to a body are necessary for

, however, without fanaticism . It is not always better more. Accepting preparations without analysis, it is possible to do itself essential harm. Excess of vitamin A is toxic for a fruit, excess vitamin C causes zheludochno - intestinal problems, unlimited reception of B6 vitamin can lead to defeats of nervous system. Control amount of the accepted vitamins and minerals and whenever possible give preference to natural products.

Kind health!