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Why artists draw?

Through an art workshop, in which I with friends wasted time for years, passed and hundreds of beginners were not late for a long time. It is not necessary to speak about those to whom nothing was impossible as even gifted people quickly enough lost interest in painting classes.

it is simple to i to offer the Explanation, having remembered a pyramid of needs of Maslou. The main thing is not received yet, forces are not spent for minor. Or otherwise: the lowest requirements are not satisfied yet, for the highest energy will not be.

It is necessary to sleep, satisfy I am eager also hunger. What else is demanded by an organism?

The feeling of safety is important, further - it is good to have attachment and not to suffer from - for absence of love, to belong to any reputable group of people, and not one.

When all this is adjusted, the informative requirement appears. Then - esthetic with aspiration to result different aspects of life in harmony and to fill them with beauty. And only after that there is an aspiration to take something from the inner world and to leave behind to this world.

When say that without satisfaction of the lowest requirements it is impossible to rise to the highest, it is partly right. But the full satisfaction is impossible, and partial it is quite enough. The artist who is not quite full feels some fears, not too we love, learned not everything and sees great works of art in the museum, but not in the room, the indulged prince having only much can seek for self-realization with a bigger force, than.

Painting does not guarantee all benefits of this life, but the probability of their receiving is not small. Whether the artist on bread or bread and butter, or bread and butter and caviar can earn? Can. But at first it is necessary to spend for canvases and paints (the list of expenses can include anything and zashkalivayushche to be big or extremely modest, not about volume the speech). Then it is necessary to study this world from the point of view of art requirements and to try to satisfy demand. Extremely difficult task for the world in which everything is filled up with consumer goods and to these consumer goods information channels try to pay attention of people. So income will manage to be gained rather thanks to trade mediation or pedagogical work, shops and children for this purpose there is a lot of.

About safety something certain is hard to say. There are districts where artists were beaten, beat and will beat. There are, on the contrary, people around their atmosphere of the most favored treatment, and in this case one artist gives the special status to all relatives and all the district.

Social - the most pleasant. If the guy has no athletic figure and the serious income, and the girl is not famous for beauty of the person and a figure, is not obligatory to have complex at all, it is possible to accept image of the creative person and with ease to forget about everything that lacks. Circle of contacts will become friends - artists who cannot pay attention to absence something if there is though a hint on talent. It is important to avoid rivalry and to enter a brotherhood.

Contempt for works of others is characteristic of ambitious untalented persons. Sometimes they have sufficient resources to rise by big height, and with themselves they can take any skillfully assenting beginner. It is a way too. It will be possible to surround itself with bootlickers and to move away from professional community, referring to the fact that crows fly packs, and eagles soar alone. However, the community will answer with the fact that support group of it eagle will call crows, and him - drop.

Material and social resources mean much. The one who possesses them beyond all bounds can be a genius already tomorrow, having taken in hand a brush only for photos in glossy magazines. Without possessing them at all, it is possible not to find for years ways to realize huge talantishche. These are extremes between which there are one million people with some abilities and some opportunities. They ask a question of whether it is worth spending time for the fine arts.

Costs. And that is why. The one who creates itself is relieved of stereotypic perception of works of others, and the world of images opens for it the spaces. The difference is approximately same as if to sit in a chamber - the single - or to travel around all this world.

The works made your hands are full of the value and sense both for you, and for all who love you. This value over the years only increases. It is not excluded that your works with pride will transfer to grandsons and great-grandsons. Each sort needs proofs that in it there are uncommon people, and your works can answer this need.

It is possible to live and do something on a template very long, feeling pleasure from simplicity of such life, but something in it does not satisfy, and this feeling can be muffled beer or something is stronger. Degradation not far off. It is difficult to stop it, it is almost impossible. At those who create (but does not imitate creativity for the sake of higher social status of the creator) the pleasure is not translated and it is not necessary to suppress anything.

Creators are loved. It is difficult to explain why if not to remember their proximity to god. Explanations are, but here not the place for the thesis on this subject.