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Rose. How the queen of flowers conquered the world?

Are established that on the South of the European continent of a rose the Greek, and then Roman colonists brought at first. After them Arabs, and a little later - the crusaders who were coming back from campaigns replaced. France became the first medieval country where the rose was generally recognized.

Knows that in the 6th century the French king Hildeberg suited for the wife the whole pink garden in Paris. However only after publication in 800 of the special royal decree the described flowers began to grow up over all country. It is interesting that at that time mainly Catholic monks were engaged in this business. From monasteries flowers got to locks and palaces of the nobility, and then and to other segments of the population. Slowly Greco - the Roman fashion on wreaths from roses revives: now they are carried only by women. These flowers became so popular that even poor people tried to prepare on a wedding of the daughter a pink wreath for wedding process.

In England in the 16th century the set a rose behind an ear extended. The matter is that once the queen Elizabeth for some reason enjoined to attach without fail to all royal troupe of actors to the boots roses when they appeared in public places. Such unexpected accessory quickly found the admirers, but as it was already mentioned, contrary to Elizabeth`s command court dandies began to carry a flower behind an ear. At one time even on silver English coins minted the queen`s profile with a big rose behind an ear.

From XIV to the 16th century at the French royal judicial council there was a special position of the court supplier of roses. Its staff - the apartment was the settlement of Fontena - about - Roses, being famous in the flowers. And this position arose from - for original custom. The French secular peers gave to all members of council of a rose when appealed with some business to court.

It is known also that in the settlement of Provins, near Paris, the king of roses was elected! The position, of course, was decorative, but all-... Reigned such governor the whole year, and it had to be esteemed by the fellow citizens.

One more half-decrease of the XIII century is connected with Provins. They say that once rich count Thibaut, having returned from a crusade, brought east terry rose to the big lock. From here it, but already under the name French, allegedly extended on the European gardens and flower beds. Over time this rose ran wild and now is known as rose of a gallik .

And here in the town Sallensi at the beginning of July got married on year reign the queen of roses - a rozyer. In the ancient hall of Big guild in Tallinn till the last moment it was possible to admire a picture with the image of this celebration. It is established that 12 couples of festively dressed up beauties under music sounds grandly accompanied the happy darling on city streets. After a peculiar crowning the winner of this medieval action was awarded with 25 livres.

Roses got to Russia only in the second half of the XVII century. They were brought as a gift to the tsar Alexey Mikhaylovich by the German ambassador. And till this time in pharmaceutical and graceful (that is decorative) gardens of the Kremlin grew up only a dogrose. However, the last, according to chroniclers, was frequent city ornament since Kievan Rus`.

At the time of Catherine II in Tsarskoye Selo park the Pink field which even Pushkin mentioned was created. They say that the surname of Rose trees, widespread in Russia, also originates from that era.

In 1781 Russian the naturalist Pyotr Pallas, describing plants of a garden of the famous industrialists Demidov, mentions 11 species of the wild roses growing there. However by then in Russia parted also cultural roses.

Anyway, and the flower which appeared in our country late enough gained huge popularity. Yes such that it seems as if it grew at us always...