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What should you not treat a cat with? 10 dangerous products from our table of

Tastes fluffy murlyk are various. Quite often they eat usual human food, many owners of pets treat them to what remained from own lunch. Meanwhile products which to people are useful or absolutely harmless sometimes can bring to cats both small troubles, and serious harm. Try to protect the lovely pets from dangers.

1. Raisin

It is undoubted, raisin - a tasty and healthy product for people. However, alas, not for cats to whom dried grapes are contraindicated. The handful of raisin is capable to cause in them a sudden renal failure.

Be careful to treat a cat with raisin and grapes even if that asks them. If the animal reached grapes incidentally, watch it to give help if it is required. Characteristic signs of trouble is diarrhea, lack of appetite, slackness, weakness, belly-aches and the lowered urination. Symptoms of poisoning are shown within a day.


Grant onions to

, onions - one of the most widespread vegetables from our table. It is often added to various dishes. But it is harmful to cats. Sulfoksida and disulfides of onions destroy red blood cells and are capable to provoke at cats serious problems, including anemia.

Powder from dry onions often is a part of complex seasonings therefore with them it is necessary to behave very carefully. Onions can be found in semi-finished products and even in baby food. Before offering something similar to the pet, read the list of ingredients.

3. Garlic

Fine antiseptics is dangerous by

to cats even more than onions. Garlic contains the same substances, but their concentration is higher, than in onions. Potential danger of garlic, nevertheless, is not so big because in products it meets less often than onions. Anyway, it is necessary to be careful and hold garlic far away from cats.

4. Crude eggs

Both people, and cats, using crude eggs, risk to run into a salmonella and colibacillus. But even if there is a full guarantee of absence of an infection, eggs are contraindicated to cats. Avidin who is contained in egg white slows down digestion of vitamin B.

5. Alcohol

Many owners have fun when the cat elicits beer, wine or with pleasure inhales a tobacco smoke. Alcohol is harmful to animals as well as to people, and causes the same unpleasant and harmful consequences. However, considering a difference in sizes and weight, these consequences it is much more dangerous to cats.


do not offer caffeine to cats of coffee or tea even as experiment. Caffeine influences them as a diuretic, causing organism dehydration. Besides, it stimulates nervous activity and work of heart.

Chocolate is harmful too. Except caffeine, it contains the theobromine not dangerous to people in view of low concentration. But animals process it much more slowly and are quite capable to get poisoned strongly.

7. Fat scraps

Fats to cats are necessary for

, but only in a small amount. To feed them fat scraps - bad idea. Greasy food can cause in animals of a problem with digestion, including vomiting and diarrhea.

8. Bones

are not toxic

of the Bone, their danger in another. The splinters of bones which are formed during culinary processing of products can cause wounds and internal bleedings. Bird`s bones are especially dangerous.

9. Milk and cream

Dairy products traditionally are considered as favourite cat`s food. Actually milk is well acquired only by kittens. Adult animals often suffer from intolerance of lactose, diarrhea and dehydration turns out to be consequence of what.

10. Avocados

Infrequently it treat with

cats and perfectly arrive. However quite often animals get a large stone of avocado as a toy that can do much harm to health. The stone and leaves of avocado contain harmful substance persin (persin). Depending on weight of poisoning, it can cause trouble breathing, a stomach and warm activity.

Protect the pets!