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How to make roll from pork with prunes?

the Pork baked in an oven, anyway - fragrant and tasty food. And if also to povypendrivatsya a little and to stuff with something pork, then it is possible to create absolutely imperceptibly for himself very festive dish. it is more pleasant than

I to those that pork is combined with very many products so it will be very simple to choose the favourite stuffing. Options weight... from sauerkraut, mushrooms and vegetables, to prunes which sweet exclusively thinly emphasizes sweetish taste of pork and supplements it ideally. Probably, it is already clear that prunes are my favourite stuffing, and we will prepare with it today.

It is absolutely senseless to specify quantity of products in our option so - about the principle... We take pork, I have a piece quite fast therefore I also was not going even to remove the top layer of fat. The piece of meat should be chosen such that it, at least at a fair share of imagination, but from an end face would remind a circle or an oval (that he was possible to be prepared then for roll), prunes, it is desirable without stones to potter less, salt, pepper, mustard and mayonnaise.

Mustard is mixed with mayonnaise in absolutely any proportions. If you yet never pickled in mustard and it confuses you, then mix for the first time in the ratio 1:1.

We wash prunes, if necessary we trouble, we wipe dry and we cut.

And the most interesting... Of course, too properly we wash meat and it is wiped. Sharp it is also desirable long we knife meat along a piece, having receded from above approximately on one third of all thickness, we cut on all length, not dorezy to edge about 1 - 1. 5 cm.

The following cut is done, having receded from the top section on the same the approximate and declared by us earlier third of all width of a piece or, at simple mathematical calculations, on two thirds of piece top. We do this cut from the opposite side from the first, i.e. as if towards to it. Similar cutting is called still accordion that`s it its (accordion) we also try to represent now, not dorezy and from this edge meat to edge approximately on the same 1 - 1. 5 cm

we Display meat on cuts in layer, we wrap it in food wrap that at a hurling back nothing would scatter on kitchen, and we beat off meat with all possible diligence and sometimes, perhaps, even fanaticism. Holes are not necessary to us, and here a thin and uniform piece of meat which would be convenient to be turned in roll, we would like to receive.

We salt the beaten-off meat, we pepper and we grease on both sides with mustard and mayonnaise sauce. We put meat a crust with fat down and we spread on all of its (meat) to length and width a stuffing (prunes). We turn meat roll, beginning to turn with that party on which there is no fat layer, it (fat) has to appear from above.

We wrap roll in a foil and we bake in the oven warmed to 200 degrees about an hour. Then we remove a foil and we wear out to a beautiful ruddy crust. Actually behind it we also left fat from above - very much it is beautifully gilded and appetizingly crackles!

By the way, very much tasty such roll is also cold. Well directly both in a feast, and to the world it is no more not less! So appetite pleasant to you!