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300 Spartans: Blossoming of the empire (2014). A meat counter in antique scenery?

In Ancient Greece were dullish. Neither you the Internet, nor cinema, even sport, and that happened only during the periods of the Olympic Games. While the narrow-minded minority created ancient art, the others put grain cultures, bred a livestock, perorated and actively bred because any bans on that how many and with whom was not in those days.

From the most available and mass entertainments should mention only wars. The desire to nastuchat on a kumpola to the neighbor was natural especially as and here limiting factors, like universal humanity, the UN or a juicy bomb, were not observed yet.

Bloodthirstiness of a classical antiquity interested cinema-men since the invention of a cinematograph. In Hollywood even invented a separate genre for such movies - peplum . It when all go in tunics and sandals, drink wine and tastefully fight on swords, mainly a wall on a wall. With development of the " technologies; pepluma became more large-scale also krovavy, Zack Snyder`s tape " became deification; 300 Spartans . Despite a flat plot and fuflyzhny dialogues, the picture blew up winter charts of 2007 and built the level of cine fights to qualitatively other level. Certainly, all waited hot the sequel, but Snider jibbed, the author of a literary basis (the graphic novel - the comic book) Frank Miller broke. As a result the first was limited to producer powers, and the second unwillingly squeezed out from itself(himself) the continuation which came out at the beginning of 2014 under the heading 300 Spartans: Blossoming of the empire .

History says that 300 Spartans headed by the tsar Leonid nevertheless fell in unequal fight with superior forces of the opponent in the person of the cruel Persian governor Kserks. However their death was as not vain as also not causeless. It appears, as responsible for the conflict the Athenian soldier - the strategist Femistokl who struck with the well-aimed shot in the heart of the Persian tsar Darius acted. Than caused fierce desire to sweep in the growing-up son Kserks. Fuel to the fire was added by the spiteful fury Artemisia, the voyenachalnitsa who instigated the heart-broken successor to move off to the desert in searches of a divine providence. Having returned from wanderings, the tsar grew up on couple of meters, got a full unit of fire of piercing and declared war to peacefully propagating Greeks.

Having realized the miss Femistokl tries to collect separate Greek policies under a battle flag, but so far the senate parts demagogy, and Spartans represent arrogant men and independence, Persians build the ships and save hatred. Having despaired to rally the nation, the hero rushes on an embrasure, exposing a modest flotilla against armada of Persians. Holding cunning and skill fleet of the enemy in harbor, Femistokl asks reinforcements from Leonid`s widow, but that is grieved and continues to go obstinate. Forces on an outcome, Greeks die, Persians a rod, but new day and vindictive Kserks will come still will wash the tears

A which - who seriously hoped that seven years later Snider`s team will surprise audience again. Everything turned out on the contrary: that neither sequel, nor remake, and some silly fake. The same egg, only a side view, and literally because a story of attack of spiteful Persians on Greeks is told from other person. Just the interval was expanded, added new sentimental details and tensed passions to intergalactic value. Having forgotten at the same time that even hilariously ridiculous joke in the second reading already not " cake;.

The sequel - the prequel Blossoming of the empire represents a professional shnyaga, a letter in the letter repeating an alignment of the first part. Just the handful of Spartans was replaced with a pinch of Athenians, instead of the bearded tsar Leonid palmed off the unshaven robust fellow Femistokl, and ranks of villains were joined effective and furious brunetka who truly confirms that to the woman by the ship not the place. To be to trouble.

We will be frank, we did not wait from the second part of a filigree plot so it is possible to forgive to authors and ridiculous sea fights, and the repeating each ten minutes pathos appeals, and a poor intrigue. In - the first, the literary basis, that is Miller`s comic book, initially is extralight reading matter. In - the second, not in a plot there business. Snider is a vizualist from god that the director proved after Spartans movies Keepers Low blow and The Person from " steel;. However even in it Blossoming of the empire did not succeed because sophisticated mutilation does not look any more it is fresh, and the number of the chopped-off extremities and computer ketchup exceeds all imaginable quotas.

The only thing that dilutes a sad action, so this emergence in a shot of Eva Green who not only effectively pulls faces, but also manages to show the accurate bust, having finally assigned to the project a rating only for adults . Her Artemisia - the most brutal character of the movie, the vamp, the woman - the soldier, well and just the woman who if cannot convince the man words, tries to make it conceited. In general, the weaker sex in the sequel looks much more convincingly, than strong a half, causing in men, come to podrochit to real men (the quote from the movie), a rupture of a template.

Little-known and as it appeared, the confused director Noam Murro entered the same water, and even painted the Aegean Sea in bloody color, but - the director to it not to see Snider`s success as own ears. And if Zac in an attack of vanity did not sign the contract for creation of the second movie in 2008 - m, then we could reconsider " eternally; 300 Spartans and to be surprised why nobody could represent so esthetically and beautifully a bloody bath earlier. The secret was simple: it is necessary to say less and to do more.