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Astral: Chapter 2 (2013). Frightening reservations according to Freud?

If to apply for information to the profile websites on cinema, then will become clear the following feature of the second Astral - all interesting details of the new project of James Wang are connected with where and than the movie was shot. Any scandals from a shooting stage, any details of a casting, only boring circumstances concerning places and houses where there took place shootings, and also the list of film mistakes without which the rare modern horror film does.

the Commercial musty smell pursued the project ever since as the decision on creation of the sequel without delay, and commerce in art, whatever one may do, occupation dullish was made. Considering that events of the second part directly follow from an original plot, it is necessary to shed light on some details that the viewer did not wander in the dark, like characters of a picture.

Having returned from the other world, Josh Lambert not only released the juvenile offspring, but also took something very unpleasant to the real world. And till all rejoiced to return of soul of coma Dolton, someone to death strangled the telepathist Alice, all road helping family to get out Lambertov of the world of the dead of their son.

The police is inclined to blame the head of the family for murder, he was the last who saw Alice live. Rene`s spouse does not know at all to whom and what to trust after everything that occurred in her house. To get rid of heavy memoirs, Lamberta decided to leave a familiar spot and some time to live at the grandmother Lorraine. Fears settled, the consequence reached a deadlock, and Renee finally believed in innocence of the husband.

However moving of long-awaited tranquility did not bring. At first the granny met in a dark corridor the stranger in a white dress, then the boy complained to mother of strange behavior of the father, and then already and Renee closely faced tricks of ominous ghosts. The situation in a family is heated, and the grandmother asks for the help to " again; expelling ghosts among which the former fellow soldier the psychic Alice

For those who are not aware who such James Wang and why his low budget horrors steadily break cash desk in hire, we will remind history of its success. The Malaysian promptly rushed into cinema the author`s thriller Saw . Phenomenally successful tape not only made for the creators mad profit, but also became the ancestor of the whole franchize which lasted for long seven years (2004 - 2010). Also there is a probability that there will be also the eighth Saw though the project is only on paper so far.

Saw Wang, despite the lack of regalia was scary inventive and inventively terrifying story, however, with firmness refused work on sequels. It is laudable, many on its place would give in to a temptation. The director preferred a relative freedom of choice, but after a flashing debut long time could not find the track. At first there was a horror film about ventriloquists Dead silence then criminal drama Death sentence and even short comedy Dog paradise . Wang rushed about from a genre in a genre of integral six years until he adjoined horrors again. Also let out in 2010 - m Astral .

I cannot tell that the first movie about unfortunate family Lambertov so was pleasant to me, but with the main task intimidations audiences Wang coped perfectly well. However, history bore all a strong resemblance that we already saw earlier, including the well-known mystical horror film of Tobe Hooper Poltergeist in which the dreadful ghost similarly dragged off to the world of the dead of the child. Disappointed a little also the fact that authors of a tape used only folk remedies frightening public the sharp sounds and terrible ugly faces which are sharply jumping out from darkness. These simple tricks are incredibly effective if you want that somebody out of time got cold feet, but from the point of view of cinema - are banal and primitive.

The second Astral from the predecessor fell nearby. More precisely, it landed exactly to the same place. As between two movies there passed only three years, authors could continue easily history from that place where it ended in 2010 - m. Actors, even children, practically did not change since then, besides all performers, including Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne and Ling Shei, agreed to participation in the sequel. It is bad when continuation is removed with other actors and in other scenery, and here everything left as well as possible - heroes old, and adventures new. Everything as we love.

Only with adventures left just not really smoothly. And it is already not terrible at all. Somehow we got gradually used to sudden shrieks in silence, to the physiognomies of ghosts which are jumping out of outer darkness and we designate bu - to effects . And the movie plot was obviously given to Wang hardly because the intrigue is fabricated, acquiring absolutely unnecessary details. To the viewer there was quite enough only a hint on an ominous and terrible being from the parallel world and when under horror the psychology according to Freud is brought, already and it is somehow ridiculous to be afraid. Just right to regret unfortunate creation that cannot pass away and continues to exasperate live with the children`s complexes.

The sequel turned out as profitable as also secondary in relation to the original. Most of domestic critics did not award a picture at all with attention because parallel to Wang`s tape in the Russian hire left long-awaited Gravitation Cuaron, jostled the second Astral in a dark and dusty corner.

In the one second part of a sample horror succeeded precisely - it is the ideal movie for the first appointment to the girl. Be sure that during viewing she will seize you by a hand more than once, or perhaps and will nestle so strong that, hardly intercepting breath, you hundred times will regret that you did not go to the romantic comedy, usual for such cases.