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Rosemarie`s Child (1968). A Satan in a neighbour`s skin?

of Shooting of the first Hollywood tape of steel for the director Roman Polanski real shock. More precisely, not shootings, but that tragedy which happened one year later, forced Polanski to forget for a while about cinema and to leave America in favor of the old woman of Europe where he felt in relative safety.

Many hurried to draw a parallel between a movie " plot; Rosemarie`s Child and family misfortune of the director, having cruelly noticed that advances with devil subject brought nobody to good yet.

Spouses Rosemarie and Gui Wodehouse move to the new apartment. It - an average manner the actor who is occasionally appearing on a theatrical scene and earning a living by shootings in TV commercial. She is a modest housewife, in the past the graduate of Catholic school. The dwelling in the prestigious area, of course, is expensive, but Vudkhausa are ready to endure the period of shortage of finance especially as Gui`s career gives certain hopes. Confuses only the fact that the apartment house chosen by them uses ill fame, but unless city legends can prevent newlyweds to enjoy life?

Nevertheless troubles begin right after moving. The young nice girl whom Rosemarie meets in a basement laundry jumps out of a window. Accident reduces it with the elderly couple Kastevet living in the neighbourhood. However first the old woman seeming to the darling becomes too importunate, and soon Rosemarie tries to avoid new acquaintances. Not that her husband Gui to whom, apparently, stories grown wise Roman Kastevet`s experience had on an interior.

Did not pass also month on the new place as Vudkhausa made the decision to become staid. Rosemarie vaguely remembers the conception moment more likely fragments from a dreadful dream. In nine months she has to give rise, but her husband behaves too strange for future happy father, and old men - neighbors show suspiciously a lot of care. Rosemarie an interior feels that around something wrong is created. Her suspicions get stronger when the old friend sends it by mail the book about Satanists and their rituals with use of babies as sacrifice

to the Modern viewer Rosemarie`s Child can seem painfully familiar. No wonder, in more than forty years which passed from a premiere, the picture was taken away on film quotes. Polanski`s tape officially is considered the ancestor of a branch of devilish mystical thrillers among which and the well-known trilogy Omen and Expelling a devil William Fridkin, and even later The Devil`s Advocate . Cultishness and the importance of a picture confirms also the fact that the American institute of motion picture art, the organization more than authoritative, in 2001 - the m brought Polanski`s work in ten the most extremely topical movies for all history of cinema.

It would be possible to argue with the last because for the thriller in a tape there is not enough suspense, and for the horror film - there are not enough blood and fear. To generation of popkornovy blockbusters Rosemarie`s Child can seem the tightened, boring, deprived of the drive chamber statement. What a difference Omen mix of the detective, mysticism and drama, or above-stated The Devil`s Advocate in which even which - what special effects are available together with infernal Al Pacino. Monotony and regularity of the narration frighten off the present public which got used to sophisticated plots, monsters, violence and epicism. Anything similar in Rosemarie`s Child it is not observed why acquaintance to classics of a genre for many becomes test for assiduity.

The best-seller of Ira Levin of the same name became a basis for the movie. The writer was delighted with how carefully and scrupulously Polanski transferred its book to the big screen. All the matter is that the director never undertook earlier screen versions, preferring to work with original material, most often own composition. On Polanski`s shootings showed excessive attention to details, trying to be the most exact to the text. This amused his colleagues, in particular the producer William Kasl who did not find time to hint the director that in the course of the screen version is allowed to be improvised. On the one hand, it could add to a dynamism tape, with another - after viewing of the movie the book can be not read any more.

However, Kasl`s opinion can be not considered, in it told envy: the studio which got the rights for the book forbade it to put the movie because for Kasl the reputation of the creator of low budget horror films became stronger, and Paramount hoped for a wide release. As a result the famous producer was lit in an episode (the person at a phone booth), and a picture even at a rating R managed to earn to the authors more than 33 million dollars, having paid back the budget by more than ten times. Critics in reviews were more reserved, and film academicians, in general, ignored Rosemarie`s Child having noted in the nomination only the scenario and having handed a figurine to the actress Ruth Gordon who played the importunate old geezer Minnie Kastevet.

Certainly, and to Polanski the devil subject was present at cinema, but only he managed to cross fully genres and to create the new " direction; household mysticism when the horror and fear is concealed not in a deep cave or an ancient castle, and in the neighboring apartment. The atmosphere of devilish plot which is monotonously untwisted by the author frightens much stronger, than real-life Lucifer. This reception was taken at once in hand by numerous imitators and is used still, including in the freshest horror films, it seems Paranormal phenomenon or dilogies Astral .

Perhaps, Polanski would be happier with the good luck, do not happen to him the present tragedy. In August, 1969, a year later after a premiere Rosemarie`s Child Sharon Tate, the young pregnant wife of Polanski, was brutally killed in the house in Los - Andzheles. Tate and some more guests became the victims so-called Charles Manson`s sects . Some not especially clever journalists did not miss chance to connect this misfortune with professional activity of Polanski, in particular having mentioned his last film. The consequence established that murderers were not informed on the one who lived in the house, and their crime is not connected with works of the director in any way.