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How to choose a digital camera?

If you the modern person, are on friendly terms with the computer and surely look in the digital future of mankind, then you should have a digital camera long ago. What does such chamber differ from usual in? The fact that the image in it registers in a digital form in a special memory card which is called the card a flash (flash card). Therefore to buy a film for it to the camera it is unnecessary

... There is it as follows: shootings, light-from object, through a lens of the digital camera gets instead of a film on a sensor. The sensor (the major part digital to the camera) is a matrix which consists of elements (pixels), sensitive to light, which, reacting to light, give the corresponding electronic signals to the special processor (a camera brain). Signals are received by the microprocessor are processed and turn into a digital form (that is, into sequence odinichek and zero).

Though, for the consumer all these processes do not matter. Pressed descent - and look at result on pass - the chamber screen. It is not necessary to buy, load and develop a film, it is not necessary to expect until you finish shooting everything 12, 24 or 36 frames, it is not necessary to print pictures to see that the shot was not successful - all is visible at once. Quickly, simply, reliably.

The image received thus is possible:

- immediately or then to miss on the display which is built in a chamber and if it is not pleasant - to erase

- to transfer to the computer where with it it is possible to do anything by means of special programs - graphic editors (to change colors, to edit, retouch, do the combined shots)

- to print any number of photos of any size on the color printer (if to buy special portable - that it it is possible to make anywhere even without computer)

- to post on the website on the Internet

- in a moment to send e-mail to friends and relatives though on other region of the world

If in Japan the number of digital cameras which are on sale in a year, already exceeded the number of ordinary cameras, and in America and Europe these numbers are almost identical, then for Ukraine, still, digital camera is familiar only to a small amount of people.

But many years it is heavy to do without such chamber journalists, insurance commissioners, the staff of intelligence agencies, and other experts who appreciate efficiency of information. Today, when the prices of digital cameras fell to level, the available ordinary consumer, everyone can become the happy owner of such device. But, before running to buy this miracle of today`s science and equipment, nevertheless it is desirable to read up attentively this article to understand whether it is necessary to you such (expensive!) toy.

General characteristics of photoequipment and councils which were given in the previous article are applied also at the choice of digital cameras though, there are also certain differences.

In particular, the concept of focal length for the digital camera differs from similar data for the ordinary device a little. At the digital camera value of focal length depends on the sizes of an electronic matrix that, one may say, is analog of a shot on a film. The size of such matrix is, as a rule, much less, than the area of a photoshot of a usual film. Therefore, for comparison of focal lengths of ordinary and digital cameras, specify the equivalent values of focal length calculated for the sizes of a standard shot 35 in technical documentation of the last - film mm.

As for indicators of the maximum increase in digital cameras which fluctuate within 3 - 10kh, you should not compare them, say, to similar indicators of video cameras (300 - 900kh). In instructions to video cameras it is directly specified that it is not optical increase, that is such high rates of increase are reached due to considerable losses of quality as a result of digital processing which is inadmissible for cameras.

It is possible to regulate value of focal length, depending on model, or by means of a special ring on a lens (as at ordinary cameras), or by means of the small lever (as at video cameras). Choose what way seems to you more conveniently.

View-finders at digital cameras happen the following types:

- usual, not connected with a lens, as at cheap compact “soap tray“ cameras (You see not absolutely what you remove)

- optical that shows the real picture in a window, it is similar to view-finders of ordinary cameras of the mirror

type - the electronic display which is placed on a back surface of the

camera - the electronic display with optical system which can be returned as modern video cameras

More convenient in use, of course, have “mirror“ view-finders, or chambers with displays because when shooting with the camera with the seeker of the first type trimming of part of a shot is possible, especially, during the work at a short distance.

The number of pixels (points) in modern professional chambers reached more than 10 million. But, as the cost of a chamber is considerably determined by this indicator, you should not overpay here. If you remove for the subsequent formation of a computer photoarchive, then it is possible to buy a chamber with quantity of points which answers the maximum mode of your monitor. If you are going to print then pictures on the printer, then, be guided by the size of future pictures: for photos of the A4 format there is enough chamber with three million points (pixels), for A3 - with five million, and for the press of usual photos of 10õ15 cm you have enough chamber with a matrix to two million points.

It is also necessary to understand that the more points the matrix of your chamber has, especially memories are occupied by one shot and consequently, the less shots are located on a flash - the card. At the same time, if you photograph in the mode from twice smaller quantity of points, then memory size, necessary for a shot, is quartered almost - a serious difference. However, having bought a chamber with a large number of points, you, as a rule, owe an opportunity to set less sensitive mode. And here on the contrary, unfortunately, is not present.

Some models of digital cameras have special functions for shooting in the conditions of bad lighting and for shootings against light which is specific to digital cameras and cannot be realized in ordinary cameras.

Some digital cameras have such function as a permanent auto focus. Mean that the chamber is constantly focused on object which is in the field of the view-finder, but not only after pressing to a half of the button of descent. At the expense of it the photographer always sees the sharp image and process of shooting of a shot happens quicker. However, at the same time the device needs the bigger electric power, therefore, batteries will be discharged quicker.

If, leaving on rest with the ordinary camera, you can take with yourself the stock of films is necessary, or to get them on the vacation spot in the first best shop, then buy a box of cards a flash for all term of holiday hardly to you it will want because will cost it too expensive. How to be to the owner of the digital camera if he does not want to limit himself to quantity of the finished shooting shots? Of course, it is possible to take with itself the portable computer - the laptop (notebook). Then you can, having filled a flash - the card, to transfer all images to the laptop whether to write down them on a compact disk (CD), and to remove to itself quietly further. But, if to drag for itself the computer does not include in your plans, then it is possible to buy the special device that allows to rewrite contents of maps a flash on the disk store. Such devices are powered from batteries, have capacity near 10 - 20 GB (gigabyte), small and easy. And already then, having arrived home, you will transfer everything pictures on the desktop computer are kept. However, the price of such devices takzhekusatsya.

Though today`s digital cameras can shoot short movies, and digital video cameras can do a photo, nevertheless for each type of works it is necessary to use the corresponding equipment. The camera - to shoot scenes, and a video camera - movies. Otherwise in both cases you receive production of unseemly quality.

An important factor is time of service of batteries. If the digital camera eats from “palchikovy“ AA batteries, then they will last not really for a long time. However, they can be bought cheap in any shop. Much more the best option - nickel - metalgidridn accumulators. If you get two sets of such accumulators and the charger, then, at active photographing, will begin “to earn“ money soon, saving on purchase of batteries. New models of chambers are completed with lithium batteries which weigh less, and serve longer.

Cards the Flash which are used in modern chambers happen various types. Three formats are the most widespread: CompactFlash, SmartMedia and MemoryStick (for Sony). Selecting cards a flash for the chamber, study the instruction. For example, if your device uses SmartMedia, then cards of bigger capacity, than it is specified in documentation, will not work. Memory Stick and CompactFlash of such restrictions have no, but it is always necessary to consult previously with the seller. Also do not forget that the CompactFlash cards happen two types: Type I and Type II. Cards of the second type are thicker.

Transferring of maintenance of maps a flash in the computer happens by insertion of the card in the special adapter which is connected to the computer. It is better to use adapters which work from the USB interface, they quicker and reliably.