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How to grow up early vitamin vegetable - a garden radish?

The Garden radish - the very first vegetable which we taste with approach of a new garden season. He is the earliest supplier of fresh vitamins and minerals tired from winter hibernations to an organism. To grow up a good harvest of a garden radish, it is necessary to consider all its whims and wishes

the Site for crops of a garden radish has to have a friable fertile soil, it needs to be dug over on depth about 30 cm, bringing on each square meter 2 - 3 kg of well rerotting organic chemistry or compost. If you introduce mineral fertilizers, then you watch not to exceed a nitrogen dose - no more than 6 g on 1 sq.m as the garden radish quickly accumulates nitrates. Be careful with use of fresh manure, wood ashes and potash fertilizers - from their surplus the garden radish will quickly leave in the arrow . As good predecessors any cultures, except for cabbage are suitable for a garden radish, on the former place of landing it can be returned not earlier, than in 4 - 5 years.

Before crops seeds can be touched, having sorted them by the size - also average best of all will be suitable for crops large. It is possible to sow dry seeds, and it is possible to wet at several o`clock in warm water for swelling. If there is a desire, it is possible to tinker and with we couch, having taken seeds in wet towel wipes before emergence of white rostochok.

Crops are made in the different ways in rows between which distance - about 15 cm, seal depth - about 2 cm. Rows do by a cave-in method to the soil of a wooden plate or just a palm edge, slightly condensing the soil. Dry seeds spread 2 - 3 pieces together through each 5 cm. In the subsequent such crops can need thinning. The wetted or sprouted seeds can be sowed on one at the same distance (5 cm), they should not be thinned out since for each plant there will be enough area of food. It is possible to sow also by a two-lower case method: the row is done wide (5 - 7 cm, depending on a krupnoplodnost of the sowed grade), slightly condense a bottom and seeds in it have at edges in chessboard order at the recommended distance, row-spacings - 15 - 20 cm

On a note : the garden radish loves a scope and moisture, at zagushchenny landings and a lack of moisture root crops grow coarse and begin to throw out tsvetonosa.

If the soil insufficiently damp, then before placement of seeds on ranks it is watered with warm water. After crops it is desirable to fill a small layer of a mulch (peat, humus, small sawdust) on a bed and to cover with a film. Seeds of a garden radish are capable to sprout at 3 - 5 degrees of heat, and shoots from the wetted seeds will appear in 3 - 4 days. Cold snaps and frosts to - 3 degrees to them are not terrible.

On a note : despite cold constancy of a garden radish, influence of low temperatures during the long period formation of root crops detains and promotes an early strelkovaniye of plants. the Garden radish is very exacting

to illumination, especially at the beginning of growth. It will grow in a shadow and a penumbra too, but on a solar site root crops turn out more gentle and juicy. Moisture in the soil has to be enough throughout cultivation because for formation of 1 g of solid the garden radish needs about 800 g of water.

Under favorable conditions for cultivation early ripe grades of a garden radish are ready to cleaning in 3 - 4 weeks after crops. It is not necessary to delay cleaning as root crops begin to outgrow, grow coarse, crack, become flabby and tasteless.

It is possible to sow a garden radish in already early spring as soon as the soil thaws and above-zero temperatures will be established. But do not forget that this plant of long day i.e. as soon as light day becomes much longer than night, a garden radish will quicker blossom, seeking to give posterity rather. Therefore at crops of a garden radish in May, for example, it will be necessary to correct artificially length of light day, covering a bed with dense lightproof material for 12 hours (with 20 - 00 to 8 - 00). Otherwise the majority of plants will quickly go to an arrow. Same most occurs if there is hot weather, higher than +20 degrees are the one more reason for which early crops of a garden radish are preferable (March - April, depending on local climatic conditions).

If you have no seasonal dacha, but there is a desire to regale on with own hand grown up garden radish and at the same time there is a balcony, then a flag that is sovochek to you in hands! A garden radish not so large culture not to be located in a balcony box. Stock up with the friable soil, a landing container (height about 20 cm), the attracted seeds and good luck! Rules of crops and leaving - the same, as for an open ground.

It is possible to fight against any midges and flea beetles by means of tobacco dust, ashes or suitable chemical preparations (only attentively read instructions!).

Good harvest!