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How to equip kitchen on the taste?

Kitchen - special space. Before painting walls and to order furniture, coordinate the esthetic requirements with appetite.

Even if you treat lucky to whom for excellent mood and excellent appetite enough fresh products and the good company, the kitchen which is thought over on coloring definitely will add positive emotions. If it is about new kitchen, it is logical to think of its color in advance: it will hardly affect the price, and here on your everyday life, tastes and habits - is certain.

It is possible to choose neutral or more emotional option from a set of design solutions of finishing of kitchen facades - depending on your own taste and from what the apartment is intended for (for accommodation or rent).

The apartment under rent, in particular unfurnished, assumes the most neutral kitchen which expressiveness (in case it is about expensive real estate) is increased quality of materials and by finishings, that is, a combination of design and technological effectiveness, without congestion in the color.

Even absolutely white kitchens turn out different - they can be executed in an opaque or glossy varnish, with facades and a table-top of the painted or satined glass, with internal illumination of cases and table-tops. Finishing by a natural interline interval is ideal. In combination with laconic design it will look quietly and nobly.

Kitchen for also can be quite neutral - white or trimmed with an interline interval. Advantages of such decision are especially obvious in the kitchen-dining rooms combined with drawing rooms where specific kitchen colors are seldom pertinent. It is easy to combine above-mentioned options of finishing with furniture with prevalence of white color or this or that breed executed from a tree. In that case the kitchen as if is dissolved in studio space, without drawing to itself excessive attention and without creating undesirable effect of continuous presence at a cooking zone.

More cardinal way to get rid visually of kitchen - to choose for it radical black color. Only thing but : it is better for people, emotionally unstable, inclined to melancholy and depressions, to avoid this color.

At the choice of color of kitchen furniture safely be guided by the feelings. If you want kitchen of a certain color, think in the beginning over whether it will irritate you. Perhaps, the ideal choice is a combination of favourite bright color to quieter basic tone. In certain cases the color kitchen is in harmony with walls of a saturated shade.

Not to make a mistake, it is better to consult with the professional designer. The same who prefers all decisions to accept independently, make several general recommendations.

Red color gives us energy, raises a vitality and awakens appetite. Its force - in a powerful power charge that is especially actual early morning hours. And on the contrary, in the evening red can irritate and inopportunely provoke desire to eat. Even in case you resolved to adhere to a diet, in red kitchen it will be more difficult for you to cope with appetite. If it does not confuse you, I recommend to stop on warm shades red (coral, tomato), orange or is bright - yellow - solar, toning and vitaminizing and at the same time nonaggressive flowers. Or one more option: for finishing of facades red it is possible to combine with white, for example, to add the lower front in red color with a combination of white glass and metal in the top front.

Blue color, unlike red, calms and reduces appetite. However blue or it is dark - the blue kitchen will look not too comfortably. Therefore it is better to stop on gently - the blue shade symbolizing purity and freshness, and at the same time suitable for those who do not want to overeat.

Warm green and juicy lime shades are favorable for the amicable family atmosphere, are capable to relieve you from kitchen quarrels besides they lighten mood.

Violet color, almost unclaimed in kitchens, is very interesting. It calms, de-energizes, favorably influences a metabolism and too suppresses appetite. And, unlike premises where it is necessary to handle with violet with care, in kitchen it is admissible not only in light, but also in the saturated shades which are perfectly combined with olive and ocherous tones.

At the choice of color of kitchen it is important to consider amount of natural light. If the window of kitchen comes to North or West side and if in kitchen there is no window at all, avoid pale, muffled pastelno - caramel shades. Peach, pistachio, pink and other powdery half tone for lack of a sunlight will look dim, pale and poor . This effect will amplify on an opaque surface.

In general, the glossy facades executed in a varnish or glass perhaps, will also demand more attentive personal care, but look much more festively and effectively thanks to a reflecting surface and more saturated flowers. Opaque finishing will be pertinent only in case you want to hide kitchen visually. In that case facades with an opaque surface, it is equal as the walls and even doors painted by opaque paint (the preference - razbelenny and is gray - to beige tones) will allow to move apart as much as possible space, delicately emphasizing the design furniture decorating the room and objects of art.

So, dear readers, choose one of the best options of improvement of kitchen on the taste, the part of the life of people carries out in kitchen!