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How to prepare the Chinese pancakes - flat cakes?

Confess at once that the option of a stuffing I from quite Chinese recipe evolved dramatically in the European direction, all was necessary - in support to the name Chinese to put inside green onions, but... what grew, grew...

And let now these pancakes and not such authentic what could be, but in all the rest, absolutely without false modesty I will declare, well it is not worse, and to my taste (besides, from - for stuffings) - it is even better.

Anyway to do such flat cakes - occupation not that even simple, and just pleasant. Especially as the result pleases not only you as performer, but also all whom you decide to treat. Forward!

It is necessary : on 6 flat cakes - 180 grams of flour, a salt pinch (traditionally becomes without it), 125 ml of boiled water and sesame oil (besides if to depart from law " letters; it is quite possible to replace both with any vegetable, and olive). For stuffing we take greens (traditionally - green onions, its specifically green part, differently white as firmer, at expansion can break through flat cake), I have a cilantro with fennel and an oregano (it is quite possible to put and dzhusay, both sesame, and spinach, and... why not!), vegetable oil for frying and is a little (a full pinch approximately) coarse sea salt.

In a pan we sift flour, slightly we add some salt to it, we mix and, pouring in boiled water in flour, we begin to knead a wooden shovel dough. As soon as dough (more precisely, at this moment - only testyany flakes) slightly podostynt, we begin to knead it hands on a table. Process of a vymeshivaniye of the test in real time takes no more than 3 - 4 minutes. As any custard paste, it is very light in processing and does not stick neither to hands, nor to a table at all.

Our main objective at this stage - to gather its (dough) in a ball, having implicated in it everything that there us was necessary, to turn in a film and to clean for about 20 - 30 minutes in the refrigerator... All! Dough is ready.

While dough settles, we will spend still a couple of minutes for preparation of a stuffing. Small we cut greens and we pour into it salt. Pretty cool, huh? The stuffing is ready too!

We roll well rested dough in a sausage and we divide on 6 identical (as it seems to us) parts. We roll preparation more thinly, we coat it with oil, we powder with a stuffing (salt with greens) and skatyvay in a tubule. It is desirable to skatyvat so that inside there was less air. We displace the curtailed tubule a snail, the free edge is sprained inside, slightly we trample down a palm and vigorously we roll a snail in flat cake.

Before frying, of course, we try to remove excess flour as much as possible. We fry flat cakes in the warmed vegetable oil from two parties to readiness and, so, beautiful golden color. Excess oil can be removed by means of a paper towel.

To serve these flat cakes very pleasantly with a bulyonchik. And just to meat and vegetable salad... directly the holiday, is not less. Still remarkably with cottage cheese... fresh... when coarse sea salt in flat cakes slightly crackles and mixes up with neutral taste of cottage cheese. Well very much I recommend! Try! Appetite pleasant to you!