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Big panda. How this surprising animal was revealed?

In the second half of the XIX century in the world of zoologists occurred a sensational event. Brought a skin of a large animal absolutely unknown to science to the well-known Parisian museum of natural history. At first it seemed that it is cut out by the remarkable master from rags of black and white fur.

The artifact was subjected to the attentive analysis. It became clear soon that a skin - whole, without seams and gluing together. That is it belonged to an unknown animal, and the scientific world decided that this animal died out long ago.
But not everything was so simple

. The skin was rather new! It got to Paris thanks to the French missionary A. David who in passing observed the nature. In one of deaf settlements of the Province of Sichuan in 1869 the missionary found a surprising skin. Locals reported that it belongs beat - to a shung, that is to a big bear living highly in mountains, among dense bamboo thickets.

David sent the found skin to Europe, and itself decided to try to find an animal in his habitat. Same year to the curious Frenchman has the luck to see the killed the day before beat - a shunga and to buy all hulk entirely. It was also sent to France.

Thus, the last doubts in reality of an unknown animal dissipated. In the beginning it was called it is black - a polar or giant panda. However in 1870 zoologists attentively studied the materials received from China and decided that the found animal not the bear, and treats family enotovy therefore gave it the name a big panda. (The small panda who then too was carried to family of enotovy lives in East Asia.) Today on genetic tests it is proved that a big panda nevertheless the representative of family of bear.

As it often happens, opening interested not only researchers, but also the different dark small fry adoring a ring of coins. To the Western China persons interested to grow rich on a new animal direct. But only in 1916 by means of local hunters it was succeeded to catch a young panda. However she soon died in bondage. Same year in the Province of Sichuan it was succeeded to get six skins of a rare animal.

And still for many years attempts to catch a new animal came to an end unsuccessfully. Only in 1936 American R. Harkness bought a young panda and brought it in San - Frantsisko. Appropriated to this animal SU nickname - Lean that meant small piece of a huge jewelry .

Then, in 1938, two more adult animals were delivered in the USA. Four adult individuals and one young panda were transported soon to London. Unfortunately, six more bamboo bears did not reach the capital of England, and died on the road.

In 1957 in Moscow Zoo the large panda by nickname Pin - Pin appeared. Here she lived 4 years, and two last - in the neighbourhood with other large panda known as An - An.

1977 in all zoos of the world contained in total 30 big pandas. Long time was unclear whether they are capable to breed in bondage, so far in 1963 in the Beijing zoo a female by nickname Li - Li did not give birth the kid weighing 142 grams. In 1964 the same female showed on light of one more bear cub. Thus it was succeeded to establish that the term of pregnancy of pandas makes 134 - 140 days.

In a native habitat the panda perfectly moves on steep slopes, easily climbs up high trees. In winter time she digs out at the bottom of big trunks of a hole and takes cover from a bad weather there, but does not fall into hibernation. Arranges the dens on shady side of hillsides, and these dens can be useful to a giant panda for a long time.

Ability of the described animal is remarkable not only to run quickly, but also to slide on steep slopes head over heels . At the same time the panda presses forepaws to eyes, protecting them, and presses hinder legs to a stomach. So she sometimes escapes from the enemies - red wolves or a leopard.

For the address with small objects at giant pandas the so-called sixth finger was created. It no other than the extended wrist bone. The sixth finger allows a panda to lift from the earth objects, very inconvenient for it, such, for example, as a match or a straw.

The measures for protection of so rare animal taken recently bore fruit that allows to speak about the small growth of population in the Southern and Northern China, and also in Severo - East Tibet.