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Churchkhela - Georgian Snickers . How she is useful to train her and than?

Friends from Ukraine in the last conversation shared: And we were treated with your exotic delicacy recently: unusually, tasty and so mysterious name - churchkhela! Perhaps we will be able to prepare it, share the recipe . In Georgia there are a lot of such foods which look unusually and are at the same time tasty and useful. One of them - churchkhela, it is called still Georgian Snickers .

is Called so because churchkhela is very similar to the overseas world famous relative - outside a dark cover, inside nuts.

Churchkhela is something like a stick up to thirty long (approximately) of centimeters from soft, but elastic weight, inside - the nuts strung on a thread or a thin stick. External weight is made of grape or garnet juice, but the second option is seldom done, it, so to speak, elite .

For a start there is a little history. Who the first thought up this yum-yum? History of production of churchkhela leaves deeply in centuries, at the time of David - the Builder. The Georgian soldiers going to long and wearisome campaigns took with themselves from products what long does not spoil and at the same time kaloriyno and conveniently in the use. Churchkhela just such - it will not be spoiled over time, just there is a little firm, and a grape juice from which it cooks and nuts inside - almost full set of the necessary vitamins. Here also they took with themselves if knew that they will not be able long to fill livelihood stocks, generally crackers and churchkhela Well and plus the small size in the ratio to caloric content - steam of pieces sgryz is also not hungry almost all day.

And now - how to prepare this surprising and tasty product. At once I will tell, do churchkhela not at any time, and it is exclusive for New year. Churchkhela - one of obligatory dishes on a New Year`s Georgian table, it is present at each house together with sacivi, khachapuri and pkhal when are going to celebrate this holiday. And grape juice for it is prepared in the fall, during cleaning of grapes.

Fresh grape juice is boiled about an hour (for concentration), spilled in pure banks, sterilized and rolled up. Any sugar and water, only natural juice! Grapes take, in principle, any what is, but from red the most beautiful churchkhela will turn out, it will be bright dark-crimson color. White grapes are good too, churchkhela from it sweet as honey (from red it turns out with sourness).

The nut will approach any too, but most often take forest or walnut. I ate churchkhela and from a peanut, but such do seldom.

A nut, by itself, clean. In some recipes on the Internet I read that nuts should be cut. Here it is not necessary to do it! We take whole nutlets, slightly (slightly!) we dry on a hot frying pan, we do not fry at all, and the bitterness will pass that into a grape cover and will spoil taste.

We string nuts on a thread, it is banal piercing each nutlet a needle and advancing on a thread so that between nuts there was an interval approximately of centimeter. We do such preparations from twenty to thirty centimeters long. Ah yes, we leave since one end a string of centimeters five that was, for what then to hold.

Now we undertake the main work - preparation of grape juice. Proportions for preparation covers churchkhelas of juice, are as follows: on 1 liter, - a half-glass of flour.

From juice we cast a full glass (is possible a little more), accurately we mix with flour that there were no lumps, and we put on very small fire. We heat other juice too. We heat both that, and another to a stage before boiling, that is already there have to be both parts very hot, but do not gurgle yet. To juice it is gradually added flour mix and already everything, constantly mixing, we bring to boiling. Uvarivayem to dense kissel. We allow to cool down up to the temperature of degrees of fifty, it is possible to determine temperature by a finger - does not burn, but bites .

And now we take our preparations from nuts for the end of a thread and we dip in vinogradno - the flour welded mix so that all nuts became covered by it. We suspend each future churchkhela on in advance stretched rope, we take following, we dip... following, we dip again Until were quit with the last, the first dried up a little, we undertake it again and again we dip. We act around this way until all our nut preparations become covered with mix about a centimeter thick. We hang out everything on a rope, and now it is necessary only to wait when churchkhela dries finally and will become as elastic, but soft rubber.

Very important point When you prepare this beauty and a tastiness, lay carefully kitchen! And when it will already dry, too close a floor that on it did not drip. It is very difficult to clean off the concentrated grape juice with flour! Bon appetit!