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What do we know about cheese? Part 2

In the world exists more than one thousand kinds of cheese. Considering that the main ingredients of the vast majority of grades are milk and abomasal enzyme (the complex organic substance produced by a stomach of newborn calfs), the unrestrained imagination of the cheese makers who invented so impressive amount of different tastes can only marvel.

Preparation of one kilogram of cheese requires about 11 liters of milk. Cheese is capable to give a saturation practically to any dish. But if with cheese we already got used to fish or seafood, then the charm of cheese ice cream or jam with cheese is known by not everyone.

Unlike any other dish, sharp, and at times and frankly unpleasant smell of cheese often confirms its high quality. In other words, than stronger cheese smells, especially it possesses a gentle and delicate taste. A champion on production of fragrant cheeses is France. French grade of Vieux Boulogne received an honorary title of the most odorous cheese in the world. It is made of cow`s milk, and the crust is moistened with beer.

Experts of the British Cranfield University made a rating of 15 most odorous cheeses. Force of a smell was estimated special electronic “ nose “ studying samples which were previously selected by board from nineteen professional tasters.

1. Vieux Boulogne (Boulogne - a surrealism - Measures, France)

2. Pont l’Eveque (Normandy, France)

3. Camembert (Normandy, France)

4. Munster (Alsace - Lorraine, France)

5. Brie de Meaux (Mo, Or - - Frans, France)

6. Roquefort (the South - the Pyrenees, France)

7. Reblochon (Savoy, France)

8. Livarot (Normandy, France)

9. Banon (Provence, France)

10. Epoisses (Burgundy, France)

11. Parmesan (Emilia-Romagna, Italy)

12. Raclette (the French Alps, France)

13. Ossau Iraty (Basque Country, France)

14. Cheddar (Great Britain)

15. Crottin de Chavignol (Loire Valley, France).

The quantity of the grades of cheese made in this or that country serves as a peculiar criterion of its wellbeing. As great Salvador Dali, " claimed; if fifty types of cheese are not in the country at least, so the country reached the " handle;. And what is costed by the well-known phrase of Charles de Gaulle who was so spoken of France: “ How it is possible to operate the country which makes 400 grades of cheese? “.

Italians so jealously treat the national product that turned consumption of cheese into a peculiar ritual. For example, the special dessert which allows to shade taste of cheese most thinly approaches each grade. So, to taledzhio honey with truffles and a walnut is ideally suited, the well-known gorgontsola is perfectly combined with raisin in cognac, and aroma of parmesan will be best of all emphasized by strawberry.

One of the strangest dishes in the world - worm-eaten cheese. If there is not enough determination to try it, you it is possible itself that the insects who are pottering about in it are not worms, but only larvae of a cheese fly at all.

Cheese - one of the most useful products. It is almost completely acquired by a human body and has practically no contraindications. Bon appetit!