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How to roast fish entirely with a crisp?

would Seem what can be simpler, than just roast fish. Here figushka! Categorically it does not agree! If, as a result we want to receive a tasty, juicy small fish, with crackling, but not a boiled thin skin, then several golden rules... it is possible even to declare impudently that secrets, it is necessary to observe! So today we fry a small fish so that from it it would not be a shame to give a crust and as a separate dish. And it is not less in any way! to

So, we take actually a small fish or two, or even three... business is exclusive your desire, need, appetite, the number of eaters or existence of that fish. Salt, is better large sea, black pepper, it is desirable fresh ground, flour and vegetable oil for frying.

By itself that for a start we clean a small fish from scales, we clean, we throw out interiors and gills, properly we wash under flowing water and (here the first of earlier declared golden rules) properly we dry up paper towels. Word properly here key. The small fish for our second course has to - to become perfect dry. To the touch even, as if zavetrenny.

We salt the prepared small fish quite generously and we leave to be salted for about 30 minutes. Here to you both second and third point of our set of rules! If to strew salts economically, fish precisely will be salted insufficiently, fish will never take excess salt in herself, well just because greed is definitely not its fad... Takes exactly so much how many to it it is necessary, without delivery, but takes not instantly... prolongs, probably, pleasure. Therefore also we allocate to it for it minutes 30, it is not less.

On the small fish who became impregnated with salt we do cross cuts, pieces four - five. By it it is followed one more rule which will give us the chance to fry thoroughly fish, without closing it a cover, and a bonus which helps when frying almost completely to dissolve cross fish stones. In any case will present us such chance. Well guilty not to use! (And here with hrebetny it is necessary to reconcile... Here against scrap, as they say, is not present!. Though it is a pity!)

Further we pepper fish and we roll her in flour.

Here is in directly separate line, in flour, but not in breadcrumbs. Here just take the word! We want the crackling fish crust, but not grain. We shake excess flour and we pass to actually frying. We fry on well warmed frying pan on vegetable oil. Oil has to be poured by such very generous layer and has to be well warmed. At small amount of oil we risk that the crust can stick to a frying pan and will remain there... and we will need only to cry, and at badly warmed oil fish will not be fried, and to cook, and it is too not our case. So there is a lot of and hotly - the following items from our list.

We fry from two parties till confidently golden color, a hrustyashchesta (from - behind which, actually, all and was started) and, naturally, readiness, from each party.

So far a small fish all such crackling and hawt - it is urgent at a table and we enjoy! To such small fish it is not even necessary to invent the bicycle! I suggest to give with a lung salatiky of mango. I call salad this creation only to bid up to myself... and all - existence here of gas station gives to me such reason and the grounds.

So, we take lettuce leaves of baby a mix or Romano (and it is better both), a half of the violet bulb cut by feathers, one mango segments and gas station from 3 spoons of olive oil, 1 spoon of honey, a half of the squeezed-out juice of grapefruit, salt and without fail some black pepper.

Very much I hope that at least one of rules yes will be useful to you. And appetite pleasant to you!