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How to get a job in circus?

Oh yes charm circus. And having been tired of office work, you so would like to exchange documents on plastic (or it is porollonovy?) nose of the clown or acrobat`s suit. Or perhaps you always wanted to learn how there is a lot of - many clowns are located in the tiny car, and you will take extreme measures to expose them? Or you the hereditary juggler are also afraid to disappoint the parents, having chosen work of the clerk? Or perhaps you need the bride or the groom who are able to fly under the big top?

But before passing directly to announcement action plan it would be necessary to break which - what illusions. Life of circus not such smart and carefree as can seem. More precisely, it slightly - is slightly more carefree than work, say, of work of the legal assistant, but the circus means a lot of work and 100 - percentage devotion. I want to warn you that:

But also pluses are. You will see the world (well or at least the country), you will get acquainted with a lot of tremendous people (by the way, marriages among the circus people - very frequent piece) and, despite everything, just derive pleasure a great lot.

I am not going to deceive you: take not everyone in circus. Only from - for the fact that you refused the round-the-clock sitting on the Internet nobody will let you to pace on a rope. You will need circus talent. And still desire to clean cages of animals.

And it is more and more less clear if you have a talent (then you can become anyone), and here if is not present, but there is a desire, then you are waited by professions:

So, everything depends on your abilities and desires. After you were defined, you have two ways: to go to circus school or to go to circus. Choosing the first, you develop talent and learn many new things. And choosing the second way - you appear on usual interview and already your destiny will be decided there.

To a meeting in circus! Perhaps we will meet on an arena!