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Why cocktail is called Margarita ?

On a name " share; Margarita the great literary success dropped out. At least, in three famous literary works so call the main character. But also in the field of not sublime, however in own way fine, in cookery, the name Margarita two different products - pizza and cocktail are called.

" Pizza; Margarita was born on June 6, 1889, within one of actions of strengthening of unity of the young Italian royal house with the country people. She received the name in honor of the queen Margarita Savoyskaya . But world fame " pizza; Margarita as well as pizza in general, got at the beginning of 20 - go centuries.

The Italian demotic flat cake began to win the world from the USA. At that time across the ocean the great number of Italians emigrated. They carried with themselves not only the belongings, but also culinary addictions too. And here at the beginning of 1930 - x years over all country, from New - York to San - Frantsisko, pizzerias began to open. Simple Italian flat cake was pleasant not only to Italians. Tasty, original and cheap! What else? Pizzas became popular, and pizzerias began to bring in the income.

Approximately in the same, 1930 - e years, however a little to the south, in Mexico, another was born Margarita cocktail from tequila, orange liqueur and juice green a lemon - a lime.

Frankly speaking, the Mexican machoes are accustomed to stir alcohol in exotic mixes were not. This silly, from their point of view, a habit arose in times when in the USA the Prohibition raged. These years Americans went to neighboring countries where the ban on drink of alcohol was not, to Cuba or to Mexico. Here they in - the first, had a rest on local beaches, and in - the second, had a really good time. But that not to get drunk at once, and to prolong pleasure, diluted strong drink with a fair dose of some juice.

Exists the whole three versions of an origin of the name of " cocktail; Margarita . And all, naturally, are connected with names of girls and with love stories. Anyhow? Hot Mexico everything is, romantic men - Latinos...

So, first romantic legend.

Daniel Negrete (Daniel Negrete) together with the brother David opened bar in " hotel; Garci Crispo in the Mexican city of Puebla. David was going to marry, his bride was called Margarita. A day before the brother`s wedding creative Daniel presented to the new relative the cocktail of own invention called by her name. The recipe of cocktail was simple. In equal proportions tequila, the " liqueur mixed up; Triple Sec (strong liqueur with aroma of orange) and freshly squeezed juice of a lemon - a lime. according to El Salvador Negrete, the son Daniel, it in 1936 occurred.

The second romantic legend attributes creation of " cocktail; Margarita To Carlos Herrera by nickname Danny ( of Carlos Danny Herrera ). Cocktail was created in October - November, 1938.

Carlos Herrera worked as the bartender in the bar Rancho La Gloria near the city of Tijuana (Tijuana). Tijuana is on the bank of the Pacific Ocean, this city - the most western in all Latin America and the most northern in Mexico. It is located on border with the United States. At the American side there is a twin-city of Tijuana - San - Diego. In San - Diego is a lot of rich tourists, and it is even more seamen. Here long since is voyenno - sea base. So hotel business and entertaining business prospered also in San - Diego, both in Tijuana, and in their vicinities.

Carlos Herrera`s girlfriend, Marjorie King (on the Mexican side of border she was called Rita de la Rosa ), was a pianist and acted in different hotels in vicinities San - Diego. From all alcoholic drinks she could drink only tequila, on other Rita had an allergy. But tequila seemed to the girl bitter even if to drink it as do some, with salt and a lemon.

What you will not make for darling! The bartender Danny mobilized all the invention and mixed three parts of tequila, two parts of the " liqueur in the shaker ; Cointreau and one part of freshly squeezed lemon juice . Nice Danny poured this mix ice and properly stirred up. The received Merzhori`s cocktail - Rita - Margarita drank willingly and agreed to give it the name.

The third romantic legend also is connected with Tijuana. At the beginning of 1930 - x years famous Rita Hayworth (Rita Hayworth) (1918-1987) , the most famous film actress, the dancer and just the beauty acted here. Its real name was Margarita Carmen Cansino (Margarita Carmen Cansino). She was born in a family of the famous dancer of a flamenco Spaniard Eduardo Cansino and chorister from the Broadway variety show Zigfeld`s Madnesses Volga Hayworth, English - the Irish origin. Mixture of the southern and northern blood gave as a result very beautiful girl whom the father in 12 years of the beginnings to roll in the dancing shows. Under laws of California at such age the girl had no right to work in bars and night clubs. Therefore Eduardo Cansino organized the dancing shows in Tijuana which was already in Mexico where no restrictions for age of dancers were imposed. According to a legend, in 1935 the bartender from Tijuana Enrique Bastante Gutierres (Enrique Bastante Gutierrez) fascinated by a charm of the young dancer made for it cocktail and called it in her honor.

Well, and at last the legend which became initial which is repeated most often. Her heroine - Margaret Seymz`s (Margaret Sames) (1913-1995) . Margaret Seyms is called for some reason the aristocrat though in the USA there are no aristocrats and cannot be. Especially in Texas where there lived M. Seyms and her husband.

Seymsa were people rich and at the end of 1948 invited guests (not the poor too) on the country house in Acapulco to welcome Christmas. The inventor Margaret decided to compose new tremendous cocktail, having taken the Mexican tequila as a basis. Acapulco is in Mexico. She tried various options, but one mixes were too sweet, and others strongly tasted bitter. At last the trial and error method found an optimum ratio of ingredients: three parts of tequila, one part of " orange liqueur; Cointreau and one part of juice of a lime. Margaret Seyms knew that many before drinking tequilas to moderate bitterness of the Mexican vodka, lick salt. Therefore it decorated edges of glasses to whom served drink, I will merge, but not sugar as it is often done with other cocktails.

Why Margaret Seyms`s cocktail became the best-known? Because on that Christmas evening in Acapulco among guests there was Conrad Hilton (Conrad Nicholson Hilton) (1887-1979) , the owner of the well-known hotel network. Drink was pleasant to Hilton, the hostess did not keep the recipe in secret, and soon cocktails by name Margarita began to offer in bars of " hotels; Hilton worldwide.