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" Cocktail; (1988). About the poor bartender we will put in a word?

To shootings in the melodrama " Cocktail; Tom Cruise approached not as the boy any more, but the husband. In literal and figurative sense because the young actor already not only managed to marry the colleague Mimi Rogers but also to become a star with the seven-digit fees after the hits " which made a noise in hire; Colour of money and The Best shooter . Tom Cruise was still rather young

In 26 years naturally to look in a romantic tape, but is already skilled and famous alone to pull all project. Producers of the lyrical drama " Cocktail; relied on a rising star and were not mistaken: following the results of a year the picture reached the ninth place on a box office, having conceded, however, to other tape with Cruz`s participation - To the Rain man . For " Cocktail; Tom nearly received also the first award, being nominated by audience for the humiliating award Gold " raspberry;. It home did not carry away a berry, but took out a lesson - the competent scenario has to be attached to any cute attractive face.

Having returned from army, young Brian Flenagan decided to undertake seriously the career, the benefit that on Wal - the street is every chance suddenly to become the millionaire and to execute Great American dream from rags to riches . However you will not feed employers with one promises and self-confidence, give them experience, the diploma or at least the decent school certificate. And Flenagan behind shoulders has only a repaid debt to the homeland and a heap of ambitions.

Having realized that fast enrichment will not happen, the young man settles part time to the bar on Manhattan, earning by mixing of alcoholic beverages on a daily bread and being trained in economy elements. Study and notations of teachers - losers quickly bother Brian, and the skills received behind a rack allow to live comfortably and the weaker sex to the handsome man - the bartender of pass does not give. His mentor Dag Kaflin, however, was a decent pig, having fought the charming sweetheart off the workmate, but Flenagan did not begin to turn other cheek and, having given the friend on Russian cabbage soup, left to Jamaica where good bartenders in hot day are appreciated worth its weight in gold.

On the tropical island Flenagan meets the charming tourist Jordan with whom it begins the serious love story. Here and a tale the end, only on the horizon loomed experienced Dag with set the teeth on edge " again; Kaflin`s laws and cynical view of life. And again brought down the young man from a way just

" Cocktail; could become the swan song of Tom Cruise whose career developed so promptly that all critics and the audience were sure - sooner or later, haste will bring. It also brought, only after Rain man where the actor brilliantly played together with the winner of the Oscar Dustin Hoffman, spitpoisons stopped forever, and Cruz`s fees flew up on inaccessible height. If attentively to look narrowly, his hero - a typical example of the unaccomplished dreamer who arrived to submit skyscrapers of Manhattan. How many such ambitious losers sought to be beaten out in people from waiters, floor polishers or security guards, but and settled at the bottom of world financial center, not in forces not a jot to approach desired riches.

The tape of the strong Australian handicraftsman Roger Donaldson was nominated four times on To Malines not for nothing, because the director arrived very artlessly. Everything began with the drama, and it was possible to expect that history will develop the same way and further, but on arrival of characters to Jamaica for some reason sharply pulled the director in pink snivels. The rhythm of the narration got off, the housewives and keen on destiny of the unaccomplished financial tycoon Brian Flenagan sadly began to sit down by the screen reached for beer because further succession of events did not leave food for mind. As soon as the hero reconciled to failure and landed from heaven directly on the soft place, his experiences became petty and boring. " Cocktail; turned in Santa - Barbara and even the magnificent cynic Brian Brown as Dag Kaflin could not spoil the universal depression inevitable a heppa - and.

What did not prevent " at all; To " Cocktail; to earn more than 170 million in world hire that by the standards of the end 80 - x was very decent sum. The viewer in bulk went on the handsome man Cruz, Elisabeth Shiu`s simpatyashka, kisses under falls and the Oscar-winning song Kokomo performed by the well-known Beach Boys. Even the most ardent critics noted that at all the shortcomings the tape looks easily and nenapryazhno, forcing if not to empathize the main character then carrying away him adventures. Cruz definitely did not need sympathy and the berry nomination was easy click on a nose which it disregarded. Other participants of the project too not especially took offense: Kelly Lynch left to love Patrick Swayze in Roadside institution Elisabeth Shue joined ensemble of a fantastic megahit Back in the future and Brian Brown pricked up skis towards the sequel Murder Illusions .

Naturally the screenwriter of a tape Heywood Guld for whom " fell the victim of public indignation; " Cocktail; became the highest achievement in career. Donaldson continued to shoot film in the same alyapisty key when mixture of genres really reminds cocktail - sometimes bright and memorable as The fastest Indian or The Robbery on Baker - the street but is more often fresh and tasteless, as in a case with the tiresome thriller White " sand; or predictable criminal tape The Hungry rabbit attacks .