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What is necessary for effective weight loss?

the Problem of excess weight is inseparably linked with a subject of healthy nutrition and regular trainings, but cannot be solved by application only of one of these ways. The balanced food, regular physical activity and an optimistic spirit - here the main components of successful weight loss.

Why healthy nutrition, but not a diet?

the Majority of diets last, as a rule, from several days to one month. Also they are based on quite tough list of admissible food. A huge problem is the high probability of failure and an overeating after end of a diet. And respectively, a possibility of return of weight to an initial state.

Transition to a healthy diet assumes continuous following to it, at the same time the menu is not so strongly limited. It is possible to allocate several basic rules which are rather easy for entering into a daily habit:

Have more than vegetables and fruit. Especially fresh. It is possible to prepare main courses, salads, and also to use as useful and tasty having a snack.

Have less than sweet and farinaceous food. Absolutely it is not obligatory to refuse, but it is better to give preference to dark chocolate and products from whole-wheat and rye flour.

Try to refuse purchased mayonnaise, sausages, chips, croutons. Replace them with more useful ingredients (for example, salad can be filled with sour cream, olive oil), and if necessary - prepare from the checked, qualitative products.

do not overeat. Now many nutritionists advise is in the smaller portions, but is more often: at least 3, and 5 times a day are better.

Fall in love with porridges. In shops now a big variety of grain: rice, buckwheat, a semolina, porridge, bulgur, kus - kus. Many are on sale in special bags, it is a pleasure to prepare them!

Several words about sport

the Gym - good option. There is a professional equipment, the help of the expert and additional incentives: the bought subscription, group support, escort of the trainer, the necessary atmosphere.

If you do not have enough times / desires / money for sport - club, also more available ways of maintenance of are in good shape. Charging, jogs, occupations of the house, the yogi, vigorous dances - all this perfectly helps to warm up and bring muscles into a tone. Allocate in day at least 10 - 15 minutes for elementary squats, push-ups, exercises on a press, and in several weeks you will feel new inflow of forces.

How to create the correct spirit?


As well as in any business, it is important to approach process of weight loss with desire and optimism. It is necessary to believe in himself, to put concrete (but real) the purposes, to outline the plan and gradually to carry out it. You can keep the diary of the success, discuss the arising problems and questions at specialized forums. Psychological support will add self-confidence, will allow to remove stress and to dispel doubts.

It is also necessary not to forget that walks in the fresh air - important part of a healthy lifestyle. Perfectly, if it turns out to get out to the nature, at the same time try to have a rest, relax and not to think of problems as much as possible. Only at emotional and composure of people can be harmonious and healthy.

Try to create and fix useful habits, in that case it will be rather easy for you to keep health and to shape up.