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What to present for March 8? Unusual gift!

If you are among those who buy gifts at the latest moment (though gathered still a month ago!) and " set; flowers - candies - " champagne; - not your option, ideas of non-standard gifts will be useful to you for beloveds.

So, we will begin with the fact that we will remember that practically any woman loves: flowers, jewelry, cosmetics, surprises, beautiful linen...

1. Prepare for it romantic evening. the Idea is not new, but it is a sure bet. Especially as the concept of romantic evening can always be updated by means of actual trends.

If you already managed to surprise your half with a dinner by candlelight and a bathroom with petals of roses, then now it is possible to arrange joint preparation of its favourite dish (an easy dessert or refined salad though if she loves fried onions pies - and it is not a problem). Of course, on you - purchase of products in advance (it is also not necessary to ask it what to buy, be verified with the recipe!) and washing of ware. And if these efforts not for you and the ladylove wish to be published, then invite her to appointment in culinary school (there both products will prepare, and the dishes will be washed, and will entertain interesting details about cookery)!

2. Photoshoot. Take away it in a photographic studio, invite the photographer for shooting of love story or arrange the improvised photographing of the house only together. In the presence of the imagination the photoshoot can be turned into a fine holiday. And if you attend to preparation of surroundings, then surprise the half. If there is no time at all, just download a template and unpack ridiculous inscriptions ( All I need is love )

3. You want to present to the beloved a ring or a suspension bracket, but you do not represent at all what can please her? Present a set for creation of jewelry of plastic clay. From jeweler clay it is possible to mold easily a product just as from plasticine, then to process it, to burn on the ordinary gas stove, to grind, polish and receive pure silver - all this within several hours.

Joint creativity, as we know, pulls together. And if you make pair rings or suspension brackets in the form of hearts with fingerprints of each other, such romantic gift will be estimated by each girl.

4. Present to the ladylove attention! For example, buy a beautiful notebook - the daily log and write on its sheets the thoughts of it, the wishes to it, amusing tasks ( And today surely buy something oooochen pleasant! Today there will be something special! Wait! etc.) . The rare young lady will not estimate such gift.

5. Usually household appliances as a gift for March 8 are perceived as offense (the food processor, the vacuum cleaner or the blender). But who told that you cannot present, for example, a humidifier - the device urged to support health and to keep beauty. There are very lovely and compact models which can be put even on a desktop.

What you bought as a gift the favourite lady, do not forget about flowers. Not always the main thing - scope. If you got used to present it with smart bouquets, then now surprise with a small bouquet - a surprise. The imagination - here your best adviser!