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How to paint a picture oil?

Oil painting is hardy. Centuries the picturesque layer can remain and transfer vision of life of ancestors to descendants. Now, when the photo can fix though everything and with an absolute accuracy, painting not that did not die, on the contrary, it became even more necessary. Because the painter chooses. Superfluous in pictures is not present.

the well-known image Is: the young lady looks for a back somewhere, the old woman pulled in the head in a shaggy collar, and these uneven-age persons alternate depending on a look. Either you see one, or another. But the old woman should put only, say, on glasses, and the perception makes the choice, and the young lady from a picture disappears. In photos in the same way a lot of things disappear. We look, but we do not see. We do not see that here it is necessary to see. Also the artist comes to the rescue.

So it is necessary to draw. For, for children, for friends. And drawing on paper a pencil will be cheap even if it is interesting. And here drawing oil on a canvas is something serious.

Earlier oil painting was given not easy. It was necessary to pull canvases on stretchers, to ground, wait for full drying. Having imposed a paint coat, again to wait for month two until it is possible to impose the following layer. And paint smells, solvents damage health and canvases take places extremely much.

Now - it is simpler. Paints are on sale ready, it is not necessary to pound manually. Canvases are already tense on stretchers and progruntovana. Oils, solvents and varnishes are almost harmless, especially if not to use them inside. If there is a wish to draw - it is possible to do it. And exact reproduction of reality will lead only to the photographic accuracy which already is in photos and therefore it is not interesting. Skilfulness in art almost did not become necessary. It is possible to be engaged in distortions, nearly intended, and let riddles over which the audience will puzzle turn out: What did the artist want to tell?

If there are a little time and desires, it is possible to reach " shop; Itinerant and to stock up for a start with the grounded cardboard (canvases, perhaps, will be expensive to the first works). To take brushes - round, fleyets. Several different brushes, a palette, a slippery jack with linseed oil, the tablet and, probably, an easel will be required. It is not obligatory for easel to be big, occupying a half of the room, there is enough to start desktop. We paste a cardboard a construction adhesive tape on the tablet, we put on an easel and - we begin.

The beginning of work - the most interesting moment. The beginning is a half of business. Drew a line - and already something seems in it, and already by itself additions ask. The plot begins to develop in the head, and already the brush ran where to it as though most there is a wish.

If strictly to follow initial intention, then the plan will hardly be successful. A little at whom the fact that he wants turns out at once and well. But if to peer at what is drawn and to try to distinguish new opportunities, then there are miracles. You will begin to draw the guppy - and there will be a bird - a phoenix. And if at the beginning of work of feeling were somehow connected with limitation of life as if you are in the aquarium and you cannot change anything, then with the advent of the bird rising from the ashes already as though you build the new future. Artists are very unusual people just because, drawing, they talk to the and universal subconsciousness. What we do not see and we do not hear, they take out on the cloths and then try to understand that it. Sometimes understand what ripened for a long time, but minds of people did not grab in any way.

Spontaneity - a great cause, but that it could be shown, all - a lot of things it is necessary to be able. Not to study and study, without daring to try before obtaining diplomas, and to be able. It is simple how to take a pencil and to draw a line. You are able to do it? The academy for the sake of it should not finish, isn`t that so? And you are able to carry out a circle without compasses? And poprimyat this circle so that something turned out similar to a face form? Many small abilities arise just in the course of making. That is it is enough to be engaged in something that abilities arose and gathered in complexes from which high-organized activity can be collected. And from such simple actions as putting paint on a canvas, art understanding of our world can turn out. For the sake of it it is worth allocating time for development of abilities. On repetitions of what turns out, with small variations.

Dab. Anything, apparently, special. But even the one and only paint it is possible to create a masterpiece, alternating different dabs. Softly we touch a canvas with a brush with paint, smoothly we tear off a hand and we watch what turned out as dab fitted into what already was to it.

There are some rules which will gradually be acquired. For example, it is not necessary to put dense paint over liquid, she just will not lay down as there is a wish, and even will spread on a canvas down. You should not mix yellow color with blue if there is no intention to receive green. All this can be learned from the experience and it is possible to read in uncountable books about the fine arts. And reading without practice will be of no use, and practice without reading will get stuck from soon - for any elementary difficulty.

Painting will strongly affect your ordinary life. Where yesterday you saw just acquaintances or strangers, uncountable details about lines, bends, patches of light, shadows, shades, clearnesses and razmytost will appear there. It is a lot of - a lot of new will meet in old. The marble wall at metro station will be able to contain hundreds of symbols of the woken imagination. And still you are exempted from the low status if the destiny did not develop as there was a wish. Because the drawing janitor is an artist who warms up on the street and does useful serious work at the same time. The drawing seller is an actor who earns money for a major activity.

It is important not to hesitate and hang out pictures there where they will be seen by people, whether it be an entrance or library, or an underground passage. The last option is not habitual for us yet. We are afraid of manifestations of disrespect and vandals. But the vandal is some kind of artist, only coward too. He does not decide to create a work of art from beginning to end, can only create installation from something already ready. It has not enough courage and culture. But it will appear when courageous creativity and high culture become inherent in most of people around it. It can be made. Paints in shops and the empty walls will be enough for everyone. It is worth wanting.