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How to prepare clever " cake;?

the First time made this cake, having bought only its name. And attracted both options: clever " cake; - as it appears in the RuNet, and Magic Cake - at English-speaking companions. Should be told

, to the last doubted, as I will have everything, as in advertizing too - three layers: gentle souffle, easy custard and biscuit from above... Tremblingly expected the first cut... I will not lie, breath, of course, did not intercept, but and some satisfaction certainly tested sense of relief. Honestly! All three layers on the place! And this miracle was made by me! The hands!

Why dough itself at pastries breaks up to these three fractions, from the scientific point of view I cannot explain and therefore it is simpler to me to think, something the recipe magic, or... I am a sorcerer! The last with a regret is forced to exclude, and therefore I bring to your attention the magic recipe clever " cake;.

At present rate of life similar recipes gain the increasing popularity. Well the modern person has no so much time to prepare separately a biscuit, separately cream, separately a souffle and to collect all this in one cake. Certainly, very abruptly, when it is possible to knead everything in one basin and after pastries with pleasure and certain even pleasant surprise to find out that all this independently, very beautifully and competently decayed on three components of absolutely full-fledged cake.

Today we will be the furnace milk clever cake . And at once correction of mistakes... Heard that many, the first time having made such cake, complain of whether the smack, whether a smell of eggs which is present at it... In advance we get rid of it, using instead of the water put on a compounding - strong alcohol (either vodka, or cognac), and with the same purpose (besides that it also is tasty) we add a dried peel of one lemon or orange to dough. At desire it is possible to add to dough still a raisin handful. It will give some... (a highlight, wanted to tell) sourness.

It is necessary : 4 eggs, 500 ml of milk, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract, 1 tablespoon of cognac or vodka, 150 g of sugar, 125 g of butter, 120 g of flour and pinch of salt.

First of all we will put to be kindled oil. It is required to us though in a liquid state, but already room temperature... not above. So we heat and is put aside to cool down away while it is done all the rest. By the way, milk is better not from the refrigerator too. So or slightly to warm up, or to prepare in advance.

The following stage accurately we separate the whites from the yolks. We beat whites with addition of a pinch of salt in hard foam. When beating it is possible to add one spoon (from the general quantity measured on this recipe) sugar. Besides we clean the prepared proteins aside... And again, as always, they will be necessary right at the end... but the nimbus should not be washed.

We shake up yolks together with sugar. Weight has to turn white and increase in volume at least twice.

The following we add vanilla and cognac to the shaken-up yolks. It is besides well mixed and, without ceasing to shake up, we pour in the cooled-down kindled butter. There is no need to repeat that it is besides well mixed and we add the sifted flour.

We enter milk into several stages.

And at last we add whites. For 2 - 3 times, mixing from below up, as if wrapping their (proteins) in dough. It is more convenient to do it by a nimbus.

Our magic dough is ready! Also be not frightened, please, that it such liquid (as on thin pancakes), and is necessary! We on the right track!

We pour dough in the form oiled and powdered with flour (dough in shape should not occupy all volume... well has to be from above though there is a little place for growth, for flight, so to speak, of the imagination and for wingspan). The form should not be demountable - everything will flow out. We take better ceramic or disposable of a foil.

We bake in the oven warmed to 160 - 170 degrees about 1 hour. From above cake has to sunbathe, and core at a lung on it pressing of a debt to wave a little, to worry as if inside. In order that at pastries the top of pie did not go cracks, to a bottom of a baking sheet on which we put a form, we pour a little water (1 - 2 glass).

Before to cut pie on cakes, it is necessary to allow to it to cool down completely... At first to room temperature, and then it is possible also in the refrigerator.

From above we powder with icing sugar, every time worrying as schoolgirls, we cut on cakes, we count up to three, admiring a cut... With satisfaction we sigh and we run to put a teapot. We made it! Small miracle the hands! The photographer, of course, from me any, but the declared three layers it is all the same visible!