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What history some kind of can tell about?

Reflecting on the theory of history of a sort, I very often remember a grandmother`s carpet. On the face drawing was represented, and on back all transitions from one detail to another, the leading color lines, small knots and other cunnings of this production were visible. It seems that something similar happens also to history of formation of each person.

carpet Drawing is what was conceived by the master, that on a look, and at a wrong side the features of construction. How history of a sort influences our individual set of personal qualities? Why such set turns out and what it depends on?

Family branches

Each of us has four leading patrimonial lines originating from 4 patrimonial surnames (surnames of grandfathers and maiden names of grandmothers). This our next past with which many of us are familiar that is called a forehead in a forehead .

We often hear about presence of four family branches from people. Eyes and hair at me - from mother`s mother, obstinacy and backbone - from the father`s father etc. As a result, all " ingredients; carefully mix up, supplementing with places, somewhere contradicting each other, but together forming something new - us, our own uniqueness and originality.

In each patrimonial branch, except parents and grandmothers / grandfathers, there are still aunts / uncles, granduncles / grandmother, great-grandmothers / great-grandfathers and t. d which in a varying degree bear something the general from all sort, similar to all other representatives.

We will get acquainted with the main sections to which it is worth paying attention, studying the family branches.

Cultural heritage

First what it is worth paying attention in this section to - nationality of ancestors. Religion, traditions, rituals, customs, songs etc. are not less informative. All this, anyway, enriches perception of ancestors and their life, and also helps to find the internal music .

From time to time it is necessary to hear from people: Recently found in itself the Ukrainian roots, and I always very much liked the Ukrainian songs and this " language;. Or: When to me it is bad, I include the Georgian lingering tunes and though I am Georgian in 6 - m generation, I feel how the alarm and melancholy pass, I find force .

Nationality roots sometimes can be found in a root of the surname. I managed it, thanks to the maiden name (Titarenko`s - from the word titar - the churchwarden in the Cossack camp ). Having learned value of a root of a surname, I managed to come to a nationality (Cossacks), and then to confirm the hypothesis with the facts from lips of the ancestors.

Sometimes directly point customs and rituals of ancestors to a patrimonial nationality. One of acquaintances came to the Old Belief roots, remembering special rituals of a campaign on a cemetery on Easter.

Besides, surnames can indicate the geographical place of moving of your ancestors (Chernikova`s is from Chernihiv ), and in certain cases the cities or villages were called in honor of the people who founded them ( my ancestors of Tyryshkina founded the village It is new - Tyryshkino ).

It is possible to get support of groups - namesakes in social networks. In them, as a rule, people share reliable information that mean their surnames where they live and what their ancestors are engaged for a long time in.

Personal features (temperament, character, values)

Anyway, often it is necessary to hear that someone from descendants inherits grandfather`s character or uncle`s temperament. Certainly, it is worth paying attention to history of life of this person. The life lived by the ancestor from and to will much more visually show to descendants to what principles it is worth adhering and what it is better to refuse.

The legends of outstanding ancestors showing the highest points of our personal potential allow us not only to be proud of them, but also at the critical moments to make the correct decisions, in favor of the weighed attitude towards people, refusal of revenge or harming other people and many other.

Professional features

is frequent

in a sort the professional continuity is observed. It means that for many years members of a sort join the same profession. It does not mean at all that you have to get up in the same system. It first of all speaks about the developed personal and professional skills which, the known image, at you already in blood.

In certain cases the patrimonial profession can be recognized by a root of the surname ( of Smiths - from prof. smith ), sometimes by the place of moving of the ancestors.

Physiological and mental diseases

Most often cause interest those diseases which are descended. By means of history of a sort there is an opportunity to learn about causes of illness, about a course of disease and about how it was possible with it to cope in the past. If in a sort there was the whole chain of death from any disease, it can be an incitement to early prevention of the necessary systems.

of the Relation in a married couple and detsko - the parental relations

genogramm can be allocated to

Thanks to a method not only the repeating events in a sort, but also to trace the reasons of these events which are often connected with the relations which developed in a sort.

Understanding the patrimonial relations, it is possible to find religion roots. One of acquaintances, having learned that in his sort there were Tatars ( Muslim religion ), could explain himself the rigid family principles of his grandfather and partly, inexplicable then still, claims to certain family relations.

Having understood the reasons of this or that behavior, it is possible to be exempted from family loyalty and from unconditional transfer to the next generation of those principles and traditions which are not pleasant or stopped being actual.

Geography of moving and resettlement of a sort

If in your sort ancestors moved from one place in another (one - two families or the whole sort), it is important to trace their route and the name of those places in which they lived. Knowing about the resettlement reasons, it is possible to learn about pressing problems of a sort and its main tasks at that time. Often long accommodation in new places leaves a mark on personal features of ancestors, especially, if they were at that time in children`s or youthful age.

Acceptance of a sort

As a rule, in each sort is the skeletons in cases about which it was not accepted to tell the descendants. About it were silent, unconsciously transferring to inheritance unaccountable alarm and fear of something unclear and novel.

Collecting history some kind of, we begin to learn pleasant and not so pleasant events, pulling out from cases skeletons and personally getting acquainted with each of them. Analysis of these circumstances, as a rule, helps to understand what really happened in a family, and subsequently - to accept a situation with all that it implies lessons for future descendants.

Here not the full list of questions which can be cleared for itself, plunging into depths of history some kind of. Understanding sources of that, what we are made " of; it is easier to understand and accept itself, to become stronger in a vital position and to find new resources.