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Academy Rashmor (1998). The place where there are dreams?

Wes Anderson - one of the most unusual and extraordinary directors of modern Hollywood. And one of the most underestimated by wide audience. Seven of its full-length tapes removed for the last twenty years (including the animated film Matchless Mr. Fox ) 10 times were nominated for awards of the most prestigious film festivals of the world, including Cannes, Venice, Berlin and the Oscar.

As a result in Anderson`s asset only one prize - an award of MTV channel for debut work " still appears; Bottle " rocket;.

Director`s style of Anderson cannot be caught or classified. Perhaps because Wes always shoots exclusively personal, independent film, without looking back at predecessors. Characters of his pictures always living people, but not the dummies sounding remarks from the scenario: so unusual in the daily occurrence as it is banal unique. As, for example, Max Fischer is the main character him Academies Rashmor .

Silent mediocre pupil Max Fischer categorically does not get on well at study, preferring stormy public life to routine of homeworks. The strange guy with briquettes independently writes and puts on a school stage of the play, and also is the president - the founder - the head of various associations, circles and clubs on interests of private school Rashmor. He easily meets with people, whether it be peers, teachers or foreign parents, however among them are not present the soulmates capable to brighten up loneliness of the teenager.

Everything changes when Max meets the charming teacher of elementary grades Rosemarie to whom at him the first real feelings flash. The trouble is that to Fischer - only fifteen, and all his clumsy attempts to make impression on Mrs. Kross come to an end it is deplorable. The director of academy doctor Guggenheim has enough been through a lot youthful rushes of Fischer and is ready to expel him from school at any time. And occasions Max gives enough especially as the unrequited love forces it to make acts, for which it is necessary to regret strongly subsequently,

We noticed that everything in life tends to repeat. Vot and Wes Anderson, fourteen years later, again addressed a subject of the first love in the tape Kingdom of the full moon . And again with Bill Murray and Jason Schwarzman`s participation, only already playing a supporting role. And everything began with the thin and skillful drama Academy Rashmor which for some reason many film reference books classify as the comedy. To laugh there especially there is nothing, but also it is not necessary to cry, owing to absurdity of a love triangle.

Most precisely the picture can be characterized the word strange . Anderson`s worlds are always emotionally overloaded, in a flowery style stated and parallel to gloomy daily occurrence that surrounds us. Heroes Academies Rashmor it is possible to understand, feel, even to regret, but to identify with real people - hardly. Perhaps it also is the reason that the viewer does not wish to vnemlit to director`s talent of the Texan in large quantities in any way, and his works steadily become festival hits, but do not reach wide audience. The light aroma of surrealism frightens off those who got used to absorb film action together with popcorn.

Unique people with banal problems is the fad of Anderson. Created by it (and also his friend - the famous comedy actor Owen Wilson) Max Fischer - an individual extremely interesting. It is amusing that the teenager with ease manages everything, except the most important things at his age - studies, friendship and love. He rather dared to be engaged in the fact that it is pleasant and to say it what thinks, but to it is close within the society assigned to it. That is why Fischer perceives age-mates as mass meeting, than his external loneliness speaks. But it is not lonely, it has a father - the hairdresser / neurosurgeon, the adult companion - the millionaire with the developed crisis of middle age and a passion in the person of the widowed teacher. All of them are characters of one big and bright performance in which Max - both the actor, and the director, and the scriptwriter, but first of all - the involuntary viewer what all of us is in relation to life.

It is possible to argue with destiny, and even to try to turn to the necessary course, than, actually, main character all movie also is engaged, but futility of its efforts - and is that main thought that it is put in a tape by authors. It is impossible to fall in love or stop loving by effort of will. It is impossible to change under pressure of people around, to become such as everything, to adapt. Identity, sooner or later, will gain up. And if to consider Academy Rashmor from the point of view of the psychological management, that this is the ideal guide to a growing: from a stage of awareness of own imperfection to that point when any obstacles are perceived not as an insuperable barrier, and as the next step up.

As well as absolute majority of pictures of Anderson, Academy Rashmor does not set the viewer on the right path, does not rub the nose, does not show the door, and only offers possible option of succession of events. Many Hollywood movies sin with the fact that they are unambiguous and predictable, rectilinear and instructive at the same time. Anderson does not impose the point of view, giving the to characters a free hand. And they are really free, making sometimes strange, but such lovely eccentricities.

The invented world Academies Rashmor it is difficult to systematize or comprehend only one reason, his heroes act on feelings more often, than behave according to laws of logic. Adults fall into childishness, and children and teenagers openly speak about things which not everyone will be going to share even on a life outcome. In it and a charm of creativity of Anderson - he does not divide the world on black and white, does not draw a clear boundary on age, sex or a social origin. Here everyone can find the Rashmor - the place where we leave the childhood and the most unrealizable dreams that throughout life to come back to them again and again.