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Infection (2011). And you washed up hands before food?

Big angrily always begin with a small dirty trick. Global wars grow from the local conflicts, false doctrines are transformed from beliefs of separately taken mentally ill people, and epidemics happen only because any goat did not wash up a hand in time. Stephen Soderbergh says hello

ardent to mankind which so believed in power of digital technologies that sometimes forgets about simple rules of hygiene.

When the adulteress Elisabeth came back home from business trip to Hong Kong, she did not know yet that she brought a deadly virus on the native soil. Cough, snivels, the burning throat - than not primitive prostudifilis which, as we know, if to treat, then passes in two weeks and if not to treat - that days for 14. It appeared, no, not a banal sore. Without having held on and couples of days, Elisabeth died. Then her son. And then about ten more people. The bad tendency is available, and appropriate authorities already secretly sound alarm, leaving civilians in ignorance of the imminent epidemic.

Someone struggles with an illness, someone on others grief profits. In total as always. One hundred confused officials, crowd of marauders and at least a two-three bright small, covering a fiddle while Rome burns are the share of each self-sacrificing scientist and the doctor. The virus does not divide people on good and bad, diplomas, positions, age or the social status are indifferent for it. Bacteria equally effectively kill old men and children, bums and presidents, villains and general favourites. For lack of a vaccine only congenital immunity, excessive prudence or indecently large sum of money can rescue you that will allow to isolate itself from a civilization, but not from its benefits.

War goes on all fronts. One drowning, like the unfortunate husband of the died Elisabeth, rescue themselves and relatives, others as the fearless woman doctor Erin Mears or the specialist of World Health Organization Leonora Orantes, climb in the scorching heat to get to the bottom of a source of an infection and to find a way to destroy it. A question only in whether they will be able to find in general medicine and if find whether will be too late?.

Stephen Soderbergh`s filmography translated into dry language of graphic ratings represents a continuous mountain ridge - a congestion of tops and hollows. Others are inclined to consider the director as the independent author, but the first impression is deceptive: Soderbergh is the singer of a mainstream too, just is able to reach compromise between intellectual and entertaining components. However, not always the result equally impresses: between Eleven friends of Ouchene Erin Brokovich and Side effect the plain of rather unsuccessful projects among which glamourous " stretches; Super Mike frankly secondary Knockout and provocative Call girl . Drama Infection lives somewhere in the middle, continuing a train socially - the focused projects of Soderbergh who is not afraid to undertake inconvenient subjects.

It is natural that the tape Infection first of all, compare to neighbors in subject - the pictures The Last love on Earth David Mackenzie, 28 days later Danny Boyle and War of the worlds of Z Mark Forster. The basic difference is that creators of all listed opuses did not dare to be beyond genre cinema, having shot the melodrama, the horror film and the blockbuster, respectively. Soderbergh habitually pays much attention to details, installation and a soundtrack, endowing at the same time staginess: instead of a post-apocalyptic zhutik or an adventure action we receive the blank production drama with an easy raid of the thriller.

Despite a full holder of star names on the poster, methodicalness and slowness of the narration deprived Infection how many - nibud impressive financial results. The most part 60 - the million budget left on the fees to actors among whom and the director`s favourite Matt Damon who acted already in seven movies of Soderbergh. Besides it Laurence Fishburne, Jude Law, Keith Winslet, Marion Kotiyyar, Gwyneth Paltrow and Elliot Guld - structure more than impressive are involved in a tape.

Merits and demerits of a tape are obvious and lie on a surface: the strong casting and almost documentary meticulousness to trifles adjoin to predictability and typically Hollywood political correctness. Question why occupies authors much less, than notorious what to do : we watch the most part of the movie how one struggle with a virus puzzle, and others survive in the available ways waiting for the end. The reasons of separately taken apocalypse concern Soderbergh so far as - as as it is expected are connected with banal disorder and unhappy coincidence of circumstances.

The picture in general depressing because too looks like the real scenario: it is unlikely in case of a similar infection actually streets of the cities will fill crowds of walking dead persons or mutants as it is imagined by authors of numerous zombyatnik and fantastic thrillers. The mankind which is densely packed into megalopolises will die by widely known principle six handshakes - deadly baton will be imperceptibly passed on. And it frightens much stronger, than prospect to be the bitten mythical zombie. The forecast and really adverse, considering that the population of Earth steadily expands, and sanitary standards are violated everywhere.

Stephen Soderbergh habitually refused services of the third-party operator, having intentionally strengthened burdensome feeling " sulfur; picture. World Infections it is almost deprived of a sunlight from what at heart cats scrape even stronger. And the musical subject of Cliff Martinez aggravates effect.

And still the mainstream won because also a rating at a picture the most cash, against PG - 13, and an any heppa - and. But authors achieve the objective, and this most important. After viewing you begin to react more sensitively to cough in public transport, to a thicket to wash hands and to try to touch less the person. As they say, God helps those who help themselves.