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How to grow thin with advantage? Eating cocoes!

Observance of a strict diet on an outcome of winter threaten with decrease in immunity, an exacerbation of chronic diseases and other troubles. Therefore it is important to supply an organism with nutrients. And you know what product will help you? A product which can help - a coco.

the Coco stopped being exotic for a long time, and it is possible to buy it in any supermarket. It has very high caloric content - 364 kcal on 100 grams, and at the same time he is the excellent assistant in weight loss. Its secret is very simple - fats of a coco are completely split, giving energy and vital strength to an organism. Being split, they activate special enzymes which start the mechanism of combustion of fat of already collected fatty deposits. Even in small quantity getting into a stomach, the coco long is digested and creates effect of satiety.

There are several ways of use of cocoes for weight loss, but at first - it is a little about a coco.

Inhabitants of the Pacific islands call many centuries a coconut palm tree a life tree. Contain in its fruits and perfectly B1, B2, B3, B5, B9, C, E vitamins, N remain. Besides cocoes are rich with calcium, potassium, sodium, manganese, copper, iron, phosphorus and so forth. Also they contain proteins, sugar, cellulose, unique fatty acids (among which more than 50% are made by laurinovy acid - the most powerful antioxidant, the power engineering specialist, the defender of immunity). Modern scientists studied structure of a coco and called it doctor of the wide " profile;. It prevents infectious and viral diseases, improves work of intestines, strengthens warmly - vascular and bone system, improves kidneys and a liver, treats gastritis and stomach ulcer etc. of

1. Fasting day. Rub with

pulp of a coco on a small grater, divide it into 5 parts. During the day with an interval at 1,5 - 2 o`clock eat, well chewing, a portion of coconut flakes and wash down it with a cup of green tea without sugar.

2. Coconut having a snack.

It is very convenient to b to take

with itself pieces of the cleared coco and to use them for having a snack. It will pacify brutal appetite will also prevent an overeating at dinner or a dinner. For having a snack the slice, about 1/6 cocoes suffices.

3. Decoration of taste. the Polished coco can be added

to salads from fresh cabbage, a radish, pumpkin or beet. Also it can be added to porridges: buckwheat, rice, corn, millet, pearl-barley. One tablespoon of coconut flakes for the portion will decorate taste, will help to be acquired more stoutly to vitamins and minerals.

4. From the top to toe.

That for whom the coco

absolutely native, is prepared from it by oils and use in the cosmetic purposes. Coconut oil well clears, feeds, softens and moistens face skin and bodies, raises its tone, interferes with reproduction of fungi and bacteria, an intertrigo and warts. For head skin and hair coconut it is not enough - just a gift. If at you began spring molt do a mask for the night, it will stop a seasonal hair loss. And for support of the weakened hair rub it in head skin, then miss the mark hair on all length and in an hour wash up the head.

Good to you weight loss with a coco!