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Volunteering is a lifestyle?

around the world actively develop in recent years the volunteer movements. Since 1985 according to the offer of the United Nations General Assembly on December 5 the whole world celebrates the International Volunteer Day (International Volunteer Day).

That the word " means; volunteer ? Volunteers are volunteers. On July 7, 1995 in the Russian Federation the Federal Law " was adopted; About charity and the charitable organizations where value of concept is formulated: Volunteers - the natural persons who are carrying out charity in the form of gratuitous performance of work, rendering services (voluntary activity) . To be a volunteer is an ability to give a helping hand. It is ability to prove to themselves that you are a person that you are capable to bring benefit to others that you live not for nothing.

Volunteering is not a whim and not hobby, it is lifestyle.

What gives volunteering? I consider that volunteering is a unique opportunity to change life of people including the, to the best. If to address history, volunteers were always. Still our parents remember times timurites when Octobrists and pioneers gratuitously helped persons in need. And now programs for an exchange for volunteers will around the world be organized international camp. It is a unique opportunity to broaden the horizons, to visit new places, to combine business with pleasure. It is chance to get invaluable experience in certain projects, to get acquainted with interesting people.

Work of volunteers is paid, but not cash - and emotions. For many an award is not the currency, but satisfaction with thought that day is lived not for nothing that you bring benefit to people. Many volunteer movements are directed to social problems: help to the homeless, aged, to orphanages. And how it is possible to think of money when the children`s home orphan Vika embraces you and tells sincere thanks for a tile of a chocolate and a small concert?

Officially (under the law volunteer books are issued) the volunteer I became not so long ago. Summer of 2013 I carried out on Universiade in Kazan. During games and after end was passed often to answer questions: How many to you paid? What z / volunteers? And when I explained all essence of volunteering, my interlocutors grinned, reproaching me that I so ruthlessly spend the personal time. But I was never concerned by opinion of such people. I knew that I and my friends - volunteers we make the best games for all history.

Each volunteer - an irreplaceable link. It was unforgettable time. Yes, sometimes it was necessary difficult: dual changes, the scorching sun, a couple of hours of a dream and again in fight, again on changes. Volunteers, such vigorous and active after opening, the closings which were tired and exhausted closer by day, did not cease to smile and always remained benevolent. I with own eyes saw how we made this Universiade 2013, saw all this from within, but not from TV screens. In a closing-time tears involuntarily gathered in the eyes, feelings overflowed. And at this moment I, at last, understood feelings of people who cried in the Olympic Games 1980 closing-time. For those several weeks I managed to get acquainted with the mass of kind, sincere and cheerful people, met the famous athletes. Plus - deep satisfaction from result of the activity, from understanding that you became part of a global grandiose event.

The Olympic Games already behind, and volunteers of Sochi 2014 came back to hometowns. It is difficult to present happier people. Emotions and gloss in their eyes did not die away yet. Any photo and any words will not be able to give those feelings and emotions which we experienced here. This event forever will remain in our memory! - they speak.

One of volunteers of Sochi 2014 Alexander Leontyev shared the impressions: In the first week I understood that all my stay in Sochi will develop in one Olympic day. I just could not divide time for days. And these hours at the Olympic Games turned into one Olympic dawn and the Olympic decline, with bright and gentle as smiles of volunteers, guests, athletes and inhabitants, a dawn. I have behind my day, my Olympic night, my Olympic 24 hours and in word hands which want to be squeezed till the color and to plunge into paint of those days, that palette of hard transferred feelings .

Sporting events take place regularly, so, the help of volunteers is actual always. Ahead the important Paralympic Games for which organization not indifferent youth from all country will unite again.

But sport volunteers are only a drop in the ocean of the volunteer directions. Volunteers can prove in everything: in environment protection, in the help to animals, assistance to aged citizens or children - to orphans, disabled people and other people - and many other. In each city there are voluntary organizations and schools of volunteers. The main thing - your sincere desire to help, to share the heat.