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What is braun or How to make tasty cake?

Unfortunately or, perhaps, fortunately, but today not about that magic, charming (perhaps, for someone and fantastic) little men of a brauna that in the English mythology are registered as the immediate family of brownies. And that is so disinterested, coming only from modesty only at night, complete what guilty is not made by us in the afternoon. Agree, it sounds very nobly and intriguingly!. But today not about them.

Today about American braun. About so known to any American child, about the superchocolate and tasty cake so lovely it is already far not only to the American heart. Along with cheesecake brauna cake won admirers in many parts of the world for a long time and apparently is not going to stop at all and quickly continues the victorious procession worldwide.

Personally this cake won my heart for a long time. It is sure that I have many colleagues. In any case, any person loving chocolate so gently, as well as I, considers braun as the best dish in American cuisine. And as always, an origin of a brauna try to connect with a culinary mistake some ingenious (I will not be afraid of this word) the cook who, as always in such cases, absolutely incidentally forgot to put baking powder in dough for cake and to a heap still slightly did not wear out him (cake, means). Well and it is exclusive that to keep a good mine at... declared that and it was conceived.

That`s it such flat, and not cake already, and cake, slightly damp inside, also is what it wanted to give exactly today and to you, lucky persons! Here personally I am very grateful to it, perhaps, even invented, to the cook. Respect to it and a uvazhukha as now speak! And I as the fanatical follower, I offer one more option of preparation of this cake, to that infinite number of nowadays existing its recipes. It is possible that the American hostesses also will not support me... But so their (Americans) it seems on a visit today it is also not expected! And personally I am responsible for today`s recipe... well " type; I give tooth - it will be very shokoladno and is delightful tasty!

We take : 3 eggs, a salt teaspoon half, 2 tablespoons of flour, 200 grams of butter, 200 grams of dark chocolate (in need of 100 grams from above the declared chocolate it is possible to replace with the 2nd tablespoons of cocoa - powder) and 100 grams of mascarpone cheese there are slightly more than a half of glass of sugar.

Further everything is lightning! Honestly! And still a bonus I will report that during cooking of the test for a brauna we will soil only one pan and a nimbus. In total! And the nichegena should wash then! Fairy tale! (Whether not the English braun put the magic handle here?) So, in the microwave oven we kindle butter, we add to it the crushed chocolate and, mixing a nimbus, we help it (chocolate) to be dissolved completely.

On one we add to the kindled chocolate with egg oil, every time is well mixed.

The following we add sugar (even inconveniently somehow to repeat, but again we mix), mascarpone (room temperature) and the last we implicate the flour mixed with salt.

Ours is delightful chocolate dough is ready. We pour it about the baking dish laid by baking paper (baking paper in this case is unambiguously more preferable, than the form greased with butter and powdered with flour...) . Here the devil only knows why, but this cake from a form difficult (personally I besides on envious braun - British sin) gets, and therefore use of paper is our insurance and a guarantee that we - that at extraction of the test from a form of difficulties will definitely not test! Hurrah! we level Dough and we bake in the oven of minutes which is in advance warmed to 170 - 180 degrees 20 - 25. In 20 minutes we begin to check our cake a wooden skewer, on it there have to be tiny damp pieces. In other words, in core where we will stick with a stick, dough has to remain slightly damp inside.

While pie is concerned, it is a high time to make ganash for it. There now with it - that no difficulties also can be. We take : about 100 ml of cream, 100 - 150 grams of chocolate and about 30 grams of butter.

And as according to the textbook... we heat cream to the first bulek, we allow cream to cool down degrees to 60, we add to them the crushed chocolate and by simple stirring we dissolve chocolate in cream.

We add butter to completely dissolved chocolate and, also stirring slowly, we dissolve also it.

Ready ganash which, by the way, after so diligent stirring and is so much hopes enclosed in it and love becomes brilliant, smooth and silky. Here - that we also cover it or we tighten a film that it while it is worn out braun, did not zavetritsya.

By the way, at me at a temperature of 180 degrees the effect of several damp crumbs on a wooden skewer comes exactly in 23 minutes.

Now we get cake from an oven and it is possible to fill in directly at once its ganashy.

And here it is necessary to have patience. And, it seems, everything is ready... on the contrary! At least 2 - 4 hours, and on to cool down and even to stiffen our dessert should give! And it is better in general for the night in the refrigerator to put. Well if, of course, you have a character... plus will power... My record - 4 hours! And it is almost a feat!

But I will not lie, well stiffened braun on a cut turn out gladenky, rovnenky... well as from the picture... my word upon it! So there is a sense to wait. And then no force will be able to constrain us! Even mythological. We put a teapot and successful to you pastries and appetite pleasant to all of us rather!