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Time diseases - than to treat?

Are known that the person who got into an extreme situation sometimes is capable to change, slow down involuntarily time and by that to help itself with critical or even deadly situation. The nature presented us magnificent abilities which we can sometimes use time in life. (Most of people really face it only once, at the moment of death). We never in decades not that to train, even try to include this unknown ability. But for such time in inaction any body will atrophy! The patients who lay only a year on a bed already anew learn to go, and here it is about ability to move not on some road dust, and on time!

Nevertheless, this mysterious governing body of time (OUV), we will call it so, constantly is in operation, time of each person is constant floats deviates at insignificant sizes from average size in both parties. To record similar trainings OUV is possible only the most exact devices (an atomic clock, etc.)

Sometimes trial warm-ups OUV carries out in the situation as close as possible to fighting . Remember whether dreamed you how you fall from height? Selective poll showed that it is one of the few typical dreams, some see it even several times in a month. Pay attention to what occurs with sleeping at the moment blow about the earth . The sleepy person at whom all muscles were relaxed more than a second ago suddenly unexpectedly twitches, and breakthrough force obviously surpasses the average strength of this person. However, any can verify this statement - after a similar strong shake-up, sleeping very often wake up.

... I flew over houses and was not surprised to it at all, to fly for me to that moment was absolutely natural. But I strongly was surprised when I suddenly for the unclear reason lost a support in air. And then was also frightened - I promptly departed down. Waved hands whether to grasp with hands something, whether slowing down falling. Everything is vain! Nothing helps! It was the awful moment! It seems, I hit... but during the same instant all woke up in sweat... (Oksana K., 1980)

... Do not try to treat and look for somehow secret sense to the bad dream - just your OUV checks itself. On the contrary, be glad - your body - the savior in shape so, happen all actually, and it will not bring!

Most likely, we will bring! A large number of stresses reduces life expectancy. In other words, if we too often abuse the OUV, we do not spare it, over and over again artificially creating situations in which it is forced to wear out in vain, then reaction of our body - the patron knowing matters of time most often happens unambiguous - time allowed to us for life is reduced.

The nature or God when gave us such incredibly valuable ability to operate time in critical situations, did not assume in any way that people will begin to worry on trifles, creating to themselves stressful situations from scratch: quarrels in a family, talk with the administration, disputes in turns and buses. Whether it is necessary to remind that the Caucasian long-livers are deprived of these benefits civilizations?