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Than D. Tukhmanov`s opera " is unique; Queen ?

B the composer David Fedorovich Tukhmanov wrote to 2008 the opera Queen on Yury Ryashentsev and Galina Polidi`s libretto. To Write the opera - sounds it is as fresh as, for example, the person constructed the " spaceship;. It is possible to construct that - but not each creation will depart. And not each plan will become the opera. But it not about To the Queen . amazement is not glued by

To works of the composer David Fedorovich Tukhmanov because he writes works in which there is a unique melody, a fine sense, harmony in each song unit, recognition and ultimate popularity.

In each song of Tukhmanov there is the opera as it is musical - a drama genre.

Now it is possible to tell with confidence that the opera Queen is unique monumental classical work in modern Russian. Uniqueness Queens in a combination of opera classics and the present of language on which it is executed. It in literal sense open opera available in perception not only to experts or judges of opera art. It - a considerable step to promoting of opera art, a step towards to the general inquisitive public capable to listen to a musical story of the country.

To the Queen it was lucky twice: in - the first, with Tukhmanov, in - the second, with a meeting with the patron Nikolay Tsvetkov. The opera had not to endure decades of oblivion or centuries of violation. From the first premiere it is accepted by public encore and unanimously admits present modern classical opera .

In 2008 David Fedorovich showed the svezhenapisanny opera to the artistic director of the Moscow musical theater Helicon - the opera to the people`s artist of Russia, professor Dmitry Bertman. Professor told then that on such grandiose " project; Helicon - the opera it is not calculated. The theater will not be able to keep scale. One talent of actors insufficiently. More solid stage is necessary not to lose the Russian scope and scope put by the author in work. One dancing chorus consists of sixty people, and still soloists, an orchestra etc. of

Then the composer showed the opera to the people`s artist of RSFSR Lev Valerianovich Leshchenko. The singer agreed with opinion of the director that the opera has to be spectacular, it is impossible to change anything in her plan. The singer acquainted the composer with Nikolay Tsvetkov. Nikolay Aleksandrovich with pleasure told that the opera was pleasant to his daughter Victoria. The appreciation of the younger generation is an indicator of modern quality. Family fund of Tsvetkov META rendered To the Queen financial and organizational support, thanks to which the opera staged by " theater; Helicon - the opera equaled hopes of creators: became large-scale, spectacular and public.

The opera included various musical receptions. There is even a party for a unique voice - a man`s soprano (party of the Swedish king Gustav IV).

The opera is large-scale. In chorus and an orchestra identical number of performers - on 60 people, 20 actors perform solo parts.

The opera tells about Catherine II not only as about the empress, but also as about the thinker and the simple woman with difficult destiny. This story is told very skillfully and with big sympathy for Ekaterina. It should be noticed.

The scenic life Queen the beginnings in 2009 from theater of the State Kremlin Palace and Alexandrinsky Theatre. In 2010 the opera passed in Big. Then tours over all country took place, up to Vladivostok. It was seen by 40 thousand people in 15 theaters. It was seen even by those regions which operas were not seen yet. It is a fine initiative for development artly - musical taste of youth.

It was an event in each city, for the city and for edge - the director - the director of the performance " shared opinion; Queen Dmitry Bertman.

In five years the performance was the important project of the Moscow musical theater Helicon - the opera and Family fund of Tsvetkov N. A. - FP META .

On February 17, 2014 the ceremony of transfer of rights to the opera " took place; Helicon - the opera . At a transfer ceremony in Helicon - the opera there was a people`s artist of Russia David Tukhmanov, the people`s artist of Russia Dmitry Bertman, the chairman of the board of directors of JSC " Finance corporation; URALSIB Nikolay Tsvetkov and chairman of the board of directors of JSC Imperial porcelain plant Galina Tsvetkova. And also the first performer of a role of the empress Maria Maksakova, the first performer of party of the prince Potemkin - the people`s artist of Russia Yury Vedeneyev, the owner of a unique voice - Oleg Ryabets, and many others became guests of honor.

The new stage in opera life which will acquaint with the modern classical Russian opera thousands and thousands of the new viewers began.