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Elizium: Paradise not on Earth (2013). Fight for the free first-aid kit?

the South African director - the debutant Neil Blomkamp neatly shot in 2009 - m fantastic anti-Utopia Area No. 9 telling about an alien ghetto in the territory of the modern Republic of South Africa. Powerful break would hardly take place without support of his New Zealand colleague, supported famous Peter Jackson who believed in Blomkamp`s talent and the belief with financial injections. the Result we know

: the movie became one of the best fantastic projects of year, earned to the creators a lot of money and received four meek nominations on Oscar. And when a sensation it settled, became clear that the fantastic fighter will become the following project of Blomkamp again. By itself, with stars, special effects, the hundred-million budget and huge ambitions. Four years of rumors and conjectures before we saw " passed; Elizium: Paradise not on Earth confirmed sad truth - The more the case, the more loudly it falls .

In rather near future Earth will turn into a garbage can, the ghetto inhabited by ragamuffins, poor and hungry. The bourgeoisie made a knight`s move in due time, having equipped with itself the penthouse on Earth orbit named based on antique mythology by Elizium - the world where the eternal spring reigns and where there are no everyday interests and grieves. The elite got over on the sky, other 99 percent of inhabitants of once blue planet need only to spit in space and to dream of unrealizable moving.

The former prisoner Max once earning a living by stealings of cars followed a way just now and slaves away at plant on production of robots and other technogenic nonsense for the billionaire Carlisle. However the past constantly strives to remind of itself: friends decline to the favorable businessman, the mechanized cops for old time`s sake iron extremities. For the sake of work and a piece of bread Max is ready to bear humiliations and a beating because other alternative, except prison or vagrancy, at it is not expected.

Alas, even so small happiness to Max it was refused. In one fine day on production something jammed and the poor creature received radiation dose, incompatible with life. It was necessary to exist to the guy days five, and that on tablets. The only chance of rescue is a ticket on Elizium where in each house the magic pressure chamber curing of all illnesses uselessly stands idle. The problem is that emigrants in the sky do not favor, shooting the illegal ships on approaches. But extremely it is necessary for Max and when it is impossible, but strongly there is a wish, it is possible

It is known that Blomkamp studied cine skill in Canada, having graduated from Vancouver school of computer graphics and special effects. Notice, not on the director, the operator or the screenwriter, and on the specialist in visual excesses from which every second Hollywood blockbuster suffers. And therefore that fact that when entrusted the young man spoiled by fast glory more than hundred million, he hurried to lower them on the beautiful picture does not surprise.

Let`s say Blomkamp hurried to seize the given opportunity. So not, from a premiere Area No. 9 four years passed: the young talent showed really kemeronovsky patience. What was he engaged all this time in? Created Pandora? Reinterpreted classics? Invented revolutionary special effects? No, it traced space station Elizium which types occupy approximately percent five from the general timing of the movie. And still thought out the ekzokostyuma of the main characters allowing them to play Hulk. And also brought a modest contribution in replenishment of a fantastic genre new types of weapon, in particular, of the shot-gun capable to blow up air. Generally, worked by the sweat of the brow.

Ridiculously, of course, what other directors spend years laborious for, but, alas, to nobody unnecessary fuss. All these revolutionary innovations would amuse Michael Bae from him Transformers and brothers - the sister Vachovski and at all would tear a stomach. There are a lot of examples, the same Duncan Jones to whom also later Moon entrusted the expensive " project; Source code managed much less impressive sum of money and shot the cool, unpredictable and dynamic thriller. Elizium Blomkamp - a sad set of stamps with good actors and muffled, but technological attempt to climb on the territory Child human .

The main issue which has to occupy the viewer all road: why in general was to make a fuss when the only thing behind what unfortunate inhabitants are torn to the sky - it is free chambers - lechilka. It was not simpler to remove to Elizium`s government stress, having outfitted people of Earth a two-three of hundreds of similar a miracle - cars? No, by itself, it is far more convenient to sit on the filed knot, periodically reflecting attacks of illegal deserters and encouraging a revolutionary situation. Let`s write off everything for aggressive character of the Minister of Defence Delakurt which needs to vent the anger periodically collected on unfortunate, seeking to recover at the expense of the state budget? Or, according to authors (and Ms. Delakurt), the poor should not be healthy, otherwise their reason will be occupied not with search of livelihood and drugs, and the better life which, as we know, on the blue planet is already impossible?

In the course of viewing questions to a plot become ripe, but do not tyrannize an audience brain as an action in To Eliziuma it is much more, than in Blomkamp`s debut. Everything is removed it live, terrible and combative as eyebrows a lodge of Matt Damon who picked up the project from hands of the musician Eminem. Only by what the ultraboundary level of violence is explained, not absolutely clear. A source of cruelty is the character Sharlto Copley who went over on a dark side of force and after a role of the cowed clerk from Area No. 9 played at Blomkamp the nasty villain, the sadist, the murderer and an uncontrollable aggressor yearning for power. There is no class hatred or a mercantile reason, just the agent Kruger likes to kill. Motivation for the fantastic movie, frankly speaking, insufficient. And mutilation without due occasion is as the Indian movie without songs and dances: it is possible to look, but it is tiresome and boring.

Conclusions are unfavourable. Instead of the expected break in a genre we received one more stamped fantastic boyevichok which on depth of a plan equals on a paramecium caudatum, and on the level of visual effects is incapable to surpass even pictures of ten-year prescription. Whether Blomkamp badly studied in technical school, whether it was impaired a little by sudden glory, but Elizium it is difficult to recognize as original work. It is more likely a collage from the cliches which set the teeth on edge about the poor and patients dreaming to become rich and healthy, and otherwise except how to fill to somebody a muzzle, it cannot be made.