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How and when Jews lodged in Paris?

Jews in Paris appeared to French - in the 5th century. At the first franksky kings the street that conducted to the royal castle, was called Jewish. Near Paris there was the Jewish settlement (now it around the modern airport of the Orly) - Vill Zhyuif.

You feel the Jewish presence at the most different corners of Paris. Jews, first of all, natives of Russia, actively strengthened reputation of the French capital as world art center.

In Paris Amadeo Modigliani, Chaim Soutine, Marc Chagall, Osip Tsadkin, Manet - Katz and others created. Works of some of them, and, first of all, Soutine and Modigliani, are exhibited at Oranzheri`s museum. There is also a museum of the sculptor, illustrator and poet, native of Vitebsk Osip Tsadkin, and one of his spiritualized sculptures decorates the Luxembourg garden.

Early works of Chagall are presented in the Museum of Modern Art - the Centre Georges Pompidou, and the well-known plafond painted with Chagall, which absorbed the well-known Jewish images of the artist gave new life The Grandee - the Opera .

Paris is closely connected with activity of many Jewish politicians, businessmen and journalists. Among them and Theodor Gertsl. On the Field of Mars Gertsl observed a shameful scene of degrading of the captain Alfred Dreyfus.

In Raspay Boulevard, near that not remained building of military court where there passed the court over the innocent, the monument to Dreyfus is established. Having extended in frunt the captain Dreyfus it is proud holds the broken sword.

Theodora Gertslya those events, by his own recognition, forever made the Zionist . Here, in one of hotels, near Grandee Opera he wrote the book " which became well-known; Jewish state .

Really live center of modern Jewish Paris is Marais`s region that in translation means bog . This quarter is quite often designated the most refined quarter of Paris. In the 17th century there lived the aristocracy here. Later here dealers and handicraftsmen lodged.

Since the end of the 19th century this area was flooded by the Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe. Here synagogues were constructed, eshiva (spiritual educational institutions), schools, various benches and cheap cafes opened.

In the years of nazi occupation from Marais tens of thousands of Jews were deported to extermination camps.

In 1950 - 1960 - e years the Jewish quarter in a considerable measure changed the shape: it gained levantiysky character. Many thousands of Jews then moved to France from North Africa: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and also Lebanon. Some of them settled in Marais.

Now it is brisk quarter where it is possible to meet teachers eshiv and their pupils, pupils of the Jewish schools and other Jewish public. Attract to themselves art salons of Jewish Sciences and bookstores.

is A lot of here and French - the Parisians who long ago chose these places - frequenters of kosher restaurants, cafe and falafelny. It is a lot of here and foreign tourists.

In the same area in the ancient building the Museum of art and history of Judaism is located. In it it is possible to get acquainted with collections of historical and cultural artifacts of various Jewish communities of France since the Middle Ages so far.

Only late evening narrow small streets of Marais for a while calm down that in several hours again to be filled with its inhabitants and visiting tourists...