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Captain Phillips (2013). Under a banner Gloomy Roger ?

of One of nominees of the Oscar, Paul Greengrass`s movie Captain Phillips it is possible to consider from different positions. It is possible as it is done by some, to take real events, the benefit as a basis that to participants of it was generously paid that they did not share incident details with the press.

Certainly, there were certain arrogant men who refused five pieces for the sake of 15 minutes of doubtful glory and honestly told to reporters of the feelings.

If to come from spotlights, then the tape, certainly, represents total benefit performance of Tom Hanks to which though gave a ride on Gold " globe; but did not disregard. Hanks - a world-class star and seldom dares to bungle, but the center of the narration to be always heavy.

It is possible to abstract from a situation and just to consider the movie as one more chamber drama. Others are haunted by careful specification of operation of release. Like, one more cinema about the fact that gallant American guys are ready to eliminate the enemy in every spot on the globe.

How many people - are so much opinions, but the truth that Greengrass himself also plainly was not defined that he removes - reconstruction of events, the human drama, the intense thriller or the patriotic propaganda material urged to remind pirates 21 - go centuries about existence of force majeure of the American weapon. And when there is no integrity, there is no unambiguity also.

The American Maersk Alabama barge loaded chock-full moves ahead from Oman home with passing calling several South African ports where the vessel plans to empty in hands starving the Volga region containers with humanitarian aid. The course of the ship lies through restless waters at the coast of Somalia where, according to reports of higher bodies, pirates - the beggars and dirty fishermen boarding passing vessels in hope to receive fat repayment from their owners briskly are active.

Moderately well-fad and skilled captain Phillips perfectly understands all danger of the chosen route, but well pay for this work, and serious expenses for education of posterity are outlined in a family Fillipsov. Therefore when on a radar the navigator finds two points which are quickly coming to the bulk carrier, the captain acts accurately and according to the instruction. The first attack of pirates managed to be beaten off without bloodshed: at persecutors it is banal the motor overheated. However nobody doubts that the hungry and armed bandits soon will return.

The second attack of Somalis was crowned with success. They without special work ascended aboard, only the team got to somewhere, besides cunning Phillips managed to cut off power the vessel. Without having mastered electronics, aggressive freebooters took away all cache from the safe and under oppression of circumstances left the vessel on a lifeboat, having taken with themselves the captain. Now he needs only to hope for fast reaction of the American Naval Forces because as soon as the capsule reaches coast of Somalia, it will be far more difficult to seaman to get out of tenacious paws of the committing excesses beggars

Paul Greengrass`s Picture naturally received six nominations on Oscar because in a shot there is everything that so is pleasant to film academicians: Tom Hanks, drama and fair military punishment. However, just to Hanks the figurine was not even offered and it is lucky the actor more on roles nonconventional whereas the captain Phillips is the character in itself mediocre, without highlight. By interesting it is done by a situation especially as the movie is based on real events, therefore, is both caution, and a parting word at the same time. Nevertheless the application for Oscar seems too obvious so hardly Greengrass and his team will celebrate a victory and competitors more than worthy there.

Prizes prizes, and the movie - that turned out quite good. Not a masterpiece, and definitely not the highest actor`s achievement of Hanks, but strong, intense drama. However, from - for cut down to PG - the 13th age rating the tape unexpectedly did without bloody details. The Somali pirates in general look peaceful children, though incessantly swing the weapon and in broken English promise somebody to have the guts for garters. In the story Greengrass did without naturalism Rescue of the private Ryan therefore Captain Phillips received all power of a North American film network in the order that provided to a picture an excellent box office. Alas, the captain, unlike the screen embodiment, earned from travel from Oman to America only a nervous stress and bad dreams.

Hanks is known for the scrupulousness in the choice of projects and directors, the benefit that the actor managed to work with such experts as Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis, Sam Mendez, Koena`s brothers and Frank Darabont. Yes he also at desire could take seat in a director`s chair, experience corresponding is available. But nevertheless trusted in Paul Greengrass whose name is connected by the most part with two movies from a kvadrologiya about Jason Born.

Greengrass proved as the strong handicraftsman, without having allowed the project to leave the set waterway: Captain Phillips represents it is model - an indicative sample Hollywood an action - the drama focused on Oscar. And it does not matter what the real Phillips miracles of heroism did not show, having proved not collected rag. Unless Tom Hanks behind whose shoulders " can; Derelict and Rescue of the private Ryan not to show the heroic lines? Especially as the reinforcement in the form of an aircraft carrier and an uberkomanda of members of spetsnaz here - here will arrive and will show to unlucky pirates 21 - go centuries where crayfish winter.

It is natural that also the captain`s opponent - the Somali pirate, in the world the debutant of big cinema and really former Somali Barkhad Abdi had chance to become the winner of an award of film academy. From a tape we learn what, appears, pirates are hostages of own poverty and poverty, ready to plunder and kill from - under sticks. It to you not professional murderers from the well-known Soviet film hit of the eightieth, and the desperate fishermen forced to survive in any ways. The version, though disputable, but logically reasoned. At least, it is easier to believe in it, than that by the huge ship drifting in potentially dangerous territories there is no lousy revolver even.

We admit honestly, despite our love to Tom Hanks, is more pathetic than his thieves not less if it is no more. Having turned pirates in the victims of circumstances, Greengrass tripped up himself. As well as innocent lie about what Maersk Alabama transported on the to a hump of ton of the humanitarian food, but not expensive pharmaceutical goods (that was actually). The small lie generates big mistrust, from here both doubt in Phillips`s heroism, and mental anguish for the Somali whippets who are got involved in open opposition with the American Naval Forces.