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What to take in holiday?

during travel can be not a lot of pocket money, and it is not always possible to dare to spend for numerous souvenirs. But it it does not matter, is an exit from such provision - photos! Therefore it is worth taking with itself the camera and a film. If you have a digital camera then instead of a film it is necessary to get a flash - the card with large volume of memory. Then everything that you will not be able to dare to buy, you can just take to photograph and bring home.

So, the camera was taken? It`s cool.

Now it is worth thinking that what saturated would not be the program of rest, still will be and it is expensive. Here boredom of the road the player about radio or the small tape recorder will help to brighten up . Do not forget to take in addition new cartridges or disks, the charger and accumulators. The charger and accumulators - things for a player irreplaceable, you will get once, and you should not keep thinking of batteries.

The player was taken, not such boring is expensive now. But and music can bother. What to do in that case? It is possible to take with itself of the book and magazines . Do not take difficult books, the easy reading matter also will be suitable for rest. The beach, warm sand, splash of waves - all this can be embellished reading some magazine or solving of crossword puzzles. If you have a rest with children, do not forget to take them books also.

Any creams, masks, srubs and other mazyukalka (it for women). If you go to have a rest to recreation facility, and the program is not especially sated with excursions, then take cosmetics . The whole your day will consist only of fire on the beach, bathings, food in the dining room. How many remains to time to flirt for itself! Take the srubs and masks standing on a shelf in a bathroom which to use houses we are not enough time. Or perhaps to conduct an anti-cellulite course or to strengthen nails special means? Yes, still pay attention to an expiration date of your house preparations, can it is time already get new? Indulge the skin, hair, nails on holiday - and they will please with the appearance you, after holiday for a long time!

Boiler. Of course, it is possible and to descend in cafe, but it is sometimes pleasant to drink a tea or to coffee in number.

Umbrella. Never you know, suddenly will load rains, and you without umbrella will not be able to put out also a nose on the street.

P. S. There are also things which are necessary on any travel. Check whether you took with yourself:

Documents (the passport, the medical policy, the birth certificate for children, and for children also when crossing border the certificate that they are citizens of the Russian Federation is necessary (if you from Russia)).


of Medicine.

Happy journey!