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Spying (1960). The English classics or the scandal which ruined career?

are accepted Now that to the rascal - all to the person. In the sense that any glory is good if only to remind of itself. One abuse pink jackets, others are got involved in doubtful swindles, the third make hasty statements for things in which they line do not understand. However formula bad advertizing - too the advertizing works not always.

Scandal over the criminal thriller Spying literally destroyed career of the classic of the English cinema Michael Powell. The premiere of the film had in the homeland effect of the become torn bomb, and the blow was struck not so much to spectator audience how many to Powell`s colleagues from cine shop. How so, Michael? Unless it is possible to spoil where you eat? Why was in the most black paints to describe a profession what feeds you? Having filed under itself a bough, the director fell so painfully that already until the end of life did not recover. Also removed only couple of full-length tapes for the next thirty years.

The suspicious subject removes the street prostitute and obediently follows her to the apartment of appointments, in parallel fixing process on the movie camera hidden under a raincoat. However the act of love will not take place because the stranger chose to himself not the partner, and the victim. In the morning the same imperceptible young man with curiosity records as the police takes away a calm corpse. The young man is called Mark Lewis, and he works as the assistant to the operator at one of the London film studios.

The meek creature Mark perfectly does without friends, and even lodgers of his house do not know that the mysterious resident occupying all second floor - their lessor, the son of the late scientist and in combination the maniac - the murderer. In the afternoon Lewis works at studio, in the evenings earns additionally erotic photoshoots, and at the nights looks through the records.

An unexpected variety measured life of Mark is brought by his neigbour Helen who is not knowing about a killing hobby of this pleasant young man. However her elect any more not in forces to stop as thanks to the father - the scientist Mark inherited a rare mental disease - a skoptofiliya (scopophilia). And like the daddy putting experiences over the son Mark himself investigates the fear nature now, drawing in the head the dreadful documentary with the tragic end it is easy to

to guess that the picture with a similar plot in 1960 sharply contrasted against other cinema products of Foggy Albion. The English critics who were once idolizing Powell without any regret subjected Spying to such rating that the director immediately got to various black lists and, actually, lost an opportunity to create in the homeland.

Censors mercilessly stopped a tape, having cut out part of dialogues, scenes and pochikav all episodes with a nudity. In the theatrical version there were only hints and half tone, but also it was enough for full-scale scandal. The violence, mental and sexual pathologies and other deviations caused shock in public. In spite of the fact that subsequently the picture was brought in gold fund The British motion picture art, contemporaries of efforts of Powell did not estimate. The part of the cut-off pieces of a film as a result was lost therefore in original state to the subsequent generations never the movie any more to see.

One and all fell upon Powell. Negative reviews poured from all directions, and only non-core editions dared to give to the movie a positive assessment. Critics unanimously declared that they in life had not to see uglier, blasphemous and unhealthy opus. Which - which of reviewers even promised to leave the homeland if pictures it seems Spying characterize the future of the English cinema. At the same time the absolute majority noted professionalism of the director, excellent actor`s game and magnificent work of the operator and artist. Certainly, everyone considered a duty to remind readers what earlier Powell removed correct movies, while for Spying it has to be a shame to it.

Actually there is nothing supernatural in this remarkable and very skillful thriller. Just Powell outstripped the time, and also slightly outrode the American colleague Alfred Hitchcock whose well-known Psycho came out few months later. Appear Spying at movie theaters a decade later, and nobody would stay without turning a hair. On the other hand, we partially would lose the whole generation of the famous directors, from Argento and Antonioni to Scorsese and De Palma who declared more than once that the scandalous opus of Powell in many respects affected their outlook.

Rough reaction of British spoiled career of separately taken director, but at cinema did not affect world tendencies in any way. In the same 1960 - m were issued also others movies, provocative, courageous, talented and incredibly important in the history of cinema. Such as already mentioned Psycho Hitchcock, Magnificent seven Sterdzhesa, Spartak Bunk room, Dolce vita Fellini, On the last breath Godard and Maiden source Bergman. As the famous character would tell one all: Ice started, misters! Ice started!