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What is behind excess weight?

Addressing diets and gyms, appealing to the will power, many people all the same come later to a conclusion: Everything is useless! If weight also decreases, then only for some time, and then everything falls back into place. Why?

So occurs often because besides the physiological reasons which can influence anyway a condition of weight of the person exist as well psychological. As a rule, it is the reasons hidden from consciousness, that is which are not realized, and therefore most often in a hidden way influencing behavior of the person.

In this article I suggest you to get acquainted with several possible reasons which can unconsciously influence your weight. Understanding of a problem already is also a half of its decision. Low self-assessment

Ignoring of the child and his requirements by parents, and also not constructive criticism from their party can quite lead

to the fact that at the person the low self-assessment, absence of respect for itself and feeling of own advantage is formed. Perception of as unimportant and insignificant member of society and desire to reach significant position among other people in any ways. Very much often such people try to express the importance through a set of excess weight. They, as a rule, so strongly feel unimportant and insignificant that the only way to declare oneself for them is own increase in external forms. Thus, they as though try to tell world around: I am . So the person who does not feel own importance tries to earn weight in society .

Here it is also possible to refer also aspiration to see itself in an ideal form. In that case the person sets before himself the purpose to reach the best for him weight. Such aspiration to an ideal can sometimes be expressed in not constructive and raised criticism in relation to itself and even by an autoaggression that, as a rule, results in strong emotions and a bigger growth of weight.

the Way to protect the borders

For some people excess weight can become in the excellent way to protect the personal borders which cannot be defended in any other manner.

So, for example, for someone weight can become excellent means to establish a distance in the relations which do not suit it. Without noticing that, unconsciously, through a set of weight of people establishes borders in himself, being protected from a situation or other person. Usually we establish borders through words, explaining to other person what suits us or does not arrange in the relations. The same people, it is difficult to them to defend the opinion or a position concerning any question, resort to a weight set as a way of protection.

Avoiding of close relations

Some people, that without realizing, try to become unattractive to avoid close relations.

For example, women who had a negative experience of communication with men - sexual violence divorce, painful parting, difficult relationship with the father, - unconsciously seek to gain weight and thus to distract from itself attention of an opposite sex. Unconscious the person is stored by all his life experience. The person who endured a similar psychological trauma has strong feelings at the level hidden from consciousness. So the fear to endure a similar situation once again can influence a weight set. Wishing to avoid repetition, it begins to avoid weight reduction in any ways. Though at the conscious level he can claim that he in every way tries to lose the weight and does everything possible for this purpose.

Jamming of emotions

One of the most widespread ways to gain excess weight is jamming of emotions. The food in that case becomes an opportunity for the person to reduce the level of its emotional reaction to some event which happened to it.

So, for example, getting into a stressful situation, the person tries to jam the experiences, absorbing food much and replacing with it the emotions which are not expressed outside. Through similar suppression and ignoring of the feelings there is an alienation from itself as emotions are only a signal of what occurs in an interior, and reflect its reaction to the outside world. Without enduring them but only only jamming the person only earns one more for himself a problem - excess weight.

Unsatisfied requirements

People who treat themselves very strictly quite often do not notice that they lose many pleasures. Usually they show to themselves superrequirements which deprive of them the most usual vital pleasures. In that case, that though somehow to compensate itself this error, they by means of food try to fill emotional emptiness.

So, for example, at the heart of illegible and plentiful absorption of sweet the reason of emotional hunger can disappear. Forbidding itself various pleasures, the person begins to replace this requirement in other ways, in particular - food which can become the only way to give itself joy. Therefore, without satisfying the important requirements, the person begins to replace them with food and, thus, fills an internal emotional hole.

past Freight

Very often a body reacts to life situations and experiences by change of weight. The body never deceives. It remembers everything that happens to us, and keeps in itself all painful memories which happened to the person ever in his life in the form of tension or completeness. It can be even children`s offenses which are perceived already by the adult as insignificant, but in a body they remained.

Thus, not endured painful situations or mental injuries can prove through excess weight. Like freight of not endured past in soul, they find the reflection in a body in the form of extra kilos. In that case a body as if the mirror, reflects weight of the last person. And saying goodbye to old offenses, the person exempts the body from excess freight.