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As put Hamlet in theater of Yermolova?

When an era reach a deadlock, people cease to understand it. At this time surely Hamlet - as a point of new counting has to appear. As standard of the truth and conscience. That people started and understood that the truth is. It will not get to anywhere.

Therefore in the current season only on the Moscow scenes revived several Gamletov. Including in theater of Yermolova in the center of Moscow. The director - the director - Valery Sarkisov. The art director is Alexander Orlov. The costume designer is Andrey Klimov.

The internal prehistory of statement of Shakespeare in theater is connected with the identity of the actor Alexander Petrov in whom the director Valery Sarkisov and the artistic director of theater people`s artist of Russia Oleg Menshikov saw Hamlet. On our spectators view, creators of a performance were not mistaken. Hamlet really became the central figure of a performance, filling with awe each scene with the participation.

It collects all attention. Actions, dialogues rotated around it, submitting to his thoughts, the movements and emotions. He created dynamics of a performance, its emotional filling. It seemed that among the actors who are putting on the play Shakespeare there was Hamlet. Real. So at it it developed.

The playwright brightly wrote out also other characters. But in this ermolovsky statement the key role of Hamlet became indisputable and unambiguous.

Only this way the person who lost the father can behave, learned about change and treachery. Understood that has to do something, and it was powerless. It is actually paralyzed by treachery for some time.

- Perhaps indeed to become silent that heart burst?

Ordinary powerlessness tears soul to parts, but from it it does not become easier. To go crazy - the easiest way to interfere with history. But the ghost of the father exists. Madness does not suit it. He asks about revenge.

- But having listened, you will have to revenge.

Therefore Hamlet becomes we will gain idea of punishment. Something has to happen, it is felt by all.

As the father loved Gertrude! It, not snosiv shoes in which followed the coffin, marries repeatedly. How it is possible to treat it?

Hamlet decides to marry never.

- So far brains my izgvozzhena everyday - I am powerless... I promise that marriages here will not be any more.

It offends Ophelia. Roughly, sharply, in a boyish way.

- Password and response: forgive and remember me.

the Tragedy happens to Ophelia and her family. But the fault to Hamlet is not glued because people became the innocent victims when he protected honor of the father.

The revenge works well. Hamlet puts the play after which Claudius`s spirit weakens.

- In the play as in a trap, we will tire out conscience of the king.

We retell not contents of the play, and we share emotions from the lawlessness occurring not to a scene. Emotions of the viewer mean much and unambiguously go to offset to creators of a performance: the performance was successful. The viewer empathizes the prince again. It is good.

How other person on Hamlet`s place would arrive? Reconciled, obeyed, broke? It is unknown. For now everyone under Hamlet cleans itself(himself).

Dynamics to action is given by Hamlet (Alexander Petrov) and Claudius (Andrey Ilyin). Hamlet is convincing, impulsive, touching. Such what has to be the person who loses hotly beloved father, learns about murder, it is overflowed with thirst of revenge, is powerless for the time being and devoted to the last gasp. It is involuntarily compared to Philip Avdeev`s work from Gogol - the Center. From two actor`s works the image of the modern young man appears. There is a wish to generalize and tell - modern generation of ardent, clever, faithful and honest people. Because Philip Avdeev and Alexander Petrov who lived Hamlet put part of the heart and soul in an image of the Danish prince. Modernized it. What the image did not suffer from at all. Acting is magnificent. Such to which you empathize in spite of the fact that on a scene - the artful villain. Andrey Ilyin played convincingly too. Claudius - is artful, clever and reserved. Worthy Hamlet struggled with the worthy villain.

There are to a performance also remarks.

Shakespeare would like the mysterious lock in Elsinore in whom the fictional tragedy was developed. On a scene the space is divided by mobile columns which visually limit space. But it seems that to heroes it is very close. There is not enough space, air and... lock.

In some scenes there is not enough dynamics, actors are on a scene the same as columns - as a requisite. Though columns need to pay tribute - they move, becoming a light source or darkness. It is clear, that the continuous fussy movement - not a sign of a severe medieval era. But dynamics is not only movement in space or hints on it. Dynamics is a presence of the internal movement at which are put sincere and emotional life. This empathy, interaction with partners. Sometimes dynamics consists in the movement of eyeballs on which it becomes clear that the hero, actually, does and feels in the current historical period.

And unnatural Ophelia`s sobbings seemed superfluous. The spoiled daughter and the rejected darling was rather clever, thin to behave specifically whimsically. Hamlet loved other Ophelia.

But the performance will surely be played. Heroes will feel thin messages of each other, will grow roots in Elsinore. The performance will be perceived on one breath. Today`s production decisions will turn back finds. As magnificent translation of Andrey Chernov. As beautiful suits, as chorus of musicians. As the decision of theater to put Hamlet.

It is already possible to tell with confidence that the performance took place and it is waited by nice theatrical longevity.

The premiere took place on December 20, 2013.