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Allergy to cold: how to understand symptoms and than to help itself?

Unfortunately, medicine cannot answer a question why there is such allergy so far. Until recently even the term holodovy allergy did not appear in medical practice because there is no allergen causing specific reaction of an organism. And there is no allergen - there is no allergy also. But from the facts not to get to anywhere, people suffer, and all signs look, as well as it befits symptoms of allergic reaction therefore it was necessary to recognize that such misfortune has all reasons to be carried to an allergy. As it is shown by

? especially sensitive people at influence of cold have an essential emission of a histamine provoking sharp reddening and an intolerable itch of skin, development of hypostases, expansion of vessels. So thermal receptors of skin react to low temperature.

It occurs in the following cases:

When the person from heat sharply gets to cold.

At contact with cold water.

Happens even at the use of very cold drinks and food.

Happens that development by Holodova of an allergy results from decrease in immunity after a serious illness. Cases of development of specific reaction to holodovy irritants and in connection with hereditary predisposition are frequent.

Can provoke development of such allergy also the following factors :

- existence of allergic reactions to other irritating substances or the phenomena;

- skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, neurodermatitis);

- diseases of a thyroid gland;

- autoimmune diseases, rheumatic and endocrinological diseases;

- oncological diseases;

- some infectious diseases (a rubella, a mumps, measles, etc.);

- the centers of a chronic streptococcal infection (chronic pharyngitises, tonsillitis, etc.) ;

- chronic sinusitis, antritises, dysbacteriosis, helminthosis.

It is especially frequent and expressed a holodovy allergy reminds of himself in winter months. For sensitive people this time becomes the real test. The most widespread displays of an allergy to cold - skin reactions . The open parts of the body which were affected by low temperature redden, swell, strongly itch - to notable pain, on them rash as the small tortoiseshell - brightly - pink or scarlet, densely covering skin can develop. Most often the face and hands suffer, they are least of all protected from contact with external environment. Rash and an itch can be shown also on skin of legs, especially in windy weather if legs are insufficiently protected by warm clothes.

As soon as the person comes into the warm room, response of an organism amplifies practically from first minute. The only rescue - immediate warming up of the reddened skin sites. And at all not to comb! It is necessary to suffer an itch, having gritted teeth because combing only strengthens it and in addition injures the inflamed skin it is even more. And warming up, even within several minutes, considerably improves a state. At strong overcooling and long influence of low temperatures useful will be to take in addition a pill of an antihistaminic preparation because there is a danger of a bronchospasm and even development of hypostasis of Quincke when puffiness of fabrics moves to a throat. And there is it quickly, in a few minutes the person can choke.

The Holodovy allergy can be shown also in the form of rhinitis and conjunctivitis . On cold there is cold - liquid, watery which passes practically at once as soon as the person gets to the warm room. The same happens to eyes: on cold - severe dacryagogue, eyelids bulk up and swell, the bright sun hurts the eyes, and indoors these symptoms quickly disappear.

If you are disturbed by the slightest manifestations of reaction to holodovy irritants (reddening and swelling of fingers at contact with cold water, hypostasis of lips, difficulty of swallowing etc.) see at first the therapist. He will appoint full inspection with a complex of diagnostic actions and laboratory researches that will allow to establish the reason of emergence of allergic reactions and to exclude other diseases with similar symptoms (infectious, parasitic). Then the therapist will direct to the allergist. Unfortunately, statement of the final diagnosis - a holodovy allergy - does not relieve of the disease as treatment of this type of an allergy - only symptomatic.

What it is possible to make to help itself?

to Conduct examination and to treat the available chronic diseases.

to Put on according to weather. For long walks to take with itself a thermos with tea, tea warms from within - and the allergy to cold does not come. In a frost open parts of the body should be protected from influence of cold and negative temperatures as much as possible: before an exit to the street to grease a face and hands with fat cream, for children to use children`s cream, to cover lips with hygienic lipstick or protective balm.

In a cold season to people with Holodova an allergy it is undesirable to span to eat the products causing any other type of an allergy - a citrus, chocolate, nuts, honey, red caviar and fish. It is better to adhere to a hypoallergenic diet, having limited sweets, spices, salty, sharp, spirits. It is useful to enter the fermented milk products promoting improvement of intestinal microflora and, therefore, immunity strengthening into the diet.

If you precisely know that reactions to cold not to avoid, before an exit to the street accept an antihistaminic preparation.

of Holodovaya an allergy not from those diseases where it is possible to knock out wedge wedge . Attempts to accustom an organism to cold only aggravate a situation, they can even be dangerous therefore you should not experiment with health in this case. Physicians recommend to the people inclined to allergic reactions, always to have at themselves antihistaminic preparations, it is desirable - new generation. They are highly effective, do not cause accustoming and can quickly help with emergency situation. Take care!