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Ladies` handbags harm a bearing?

you sometime reflected: whether correctly you carry bags? But from such simple piece as distribution of weight, health of a back, joints depends and it is warm - vascular system...

the head Hurts? Dump a burden from a shoulder!

Times when in a ladies` handbag it was possible to find only a hairbrush, a pocket mirror and a bottle of perfume, sank Into oblivion long ago. The modern woman fills a " bag; necessary things chock-full.

The American physicians established that the bag through a shoulder heavier than 1,5 kg can become the reason not only violations of a bearing, but also... headache.

The belt presses on the trapezoid muscle suitable to the skull basis, and also on sheyno - the humeral nerves tied directly with a brain.

Tension headaches result: squeezes whisky and the nape breaks up.

Also if you constantly carry a heavy bag on a shoulder, the shoulder joint is deformed over time that can lead to problems with cervical and chest departments of a backbone.

The string-bag on an elbow can cause heart attack?

Blood vessels (including large) on a shoulder and a forearm settle down under skin absolutely close. To press them - a piece of cake. So if to drag on an elbow even not heavy bag weight around 2 kg, vessels are strongly pressed, and blood circulation is broken. In fact - it is like to impose a plait for a bleeding stop.

As a result if to carry a bag on an elbow moreover in hot day, the head even at the healthy person can begin to spin. And if there are some heart troubles and pressure, heart attack can unexpectedly begin.


of 7 kg - the most allowable weight which women can transfer without prejudice to health to distance more than 100 meters.

20 kg - as much as possible wearable weight for men.


the Most unhealthy bag - with long thin handles.

An optimal variant of a bag for carrying on a shoulder - with a wide belt of average length.

Ideal marsupial the backpack is considered means. But upon purchase of a backpack it is necessary to pay attention to that straps were not too narrow and rigid. It is also desirable that in a back of a backpack there was a strengthening layer.


A what for a bearing is useful?

- Reach for the sun! Not sharp moves and turns, and quiet pandiculations are very useful to our backbone (there is even such kind of aerobics - a streyching). So in the morning, having got up, on a breath smoothly raise hands and reach for the sun, gradually rising on socks - as though you want to fly up, on an exhalation also smoothly fall by the earth . These exercises are useful not only for a backbone - they help to oxygenate also tissues of a brain and to normalize pressure.

- At the dacha is more careful with inclinations! If you are engaged in washing manually (not at all is on giving the machine), be not outweighed too much bathtubs to its bottom. Surely put a basin on a support. Lifting weights, at first bend legs in knees and sit down, having slightly moved forward. If sharply to bend on direct legs, then it is possible to get hernia or even a rupture of an intervertebral disk when raising only of 5 - 7 kg of load.